A local surgeon acted quickly to extinguish a small fire that began on the roof of Henry County Medical Center Tuesday afternoon. 

A hospital spokesman said there were no injuries and no damage to the building. The only reported damage was to a vehicle in the physician parking lot at the rear of the hospital.

According to Lisa Casteel, the hospital’s CEO, the medical center was undergoing some roof repairs at the facility when the fire broke out.

The crew was using a torch on some roof materials, which became too hot.

To prevent damage to the building or roof, the crew pushed the materials off the roof onto the ground.

The materials ignited dry grass in the parking lot. Local surgeon and hospital staff member Ray Compton put the fire out immediately, containing the situation.

“We are so thankful for our staff and Dr. Compton for their quick thinking and action in the situation,” said Casteel. “We are also appreciative to the fire department for responding and ensuring everything was OK with our facility and the area. The only damage reported is a car in the parking lot. We train for fires and we are so glad that everyone responded appropriately to the situation and that there were no injuries, internal damage, or smoke damage.”

Rob Smith, the building’s plant operations director, will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the appropriate follow-ups and measures are completed related to the incident, hospital officials said.

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