Scores from Henry County restaurant inspections conducted by the Henry County Health Department for the week of May 14-20 (maximum score: 100; scores available online at

• Hidden Creek Barbecue, 2576 W. Antioch Road, Springville — May 15. Score: 80. Critical violations: food not properly separated and protected (raw beef and raw eggs stored over ready-to-eat foods, such as salsa and butter in coolers; corrected during inspection);

Improper date marking and disposition (bologna dated May 8, burgers cooked dated May 8 and Italian beef not dated at all; discussed and discarded); toxic substances not properly identified, stored and used (bulk chemical not labeled.

A follow-up inspection was completed the same day, with critical violations corrected and score adjusted to 94.

• Best Donuts, 203B Tyson Ave., Paris — May 18. Score: 74. Critical violations: person in charge not present, demonstrating knowledge or performing duties (person in charge did not demonstrate active managerial control; education provided during inspection);

Food not in good condition, safe and unadulterated (canned biscuits in refrigerator wet and busted open; discarded 2 pounds during inspection);

Food-contact surfaces not properly cleaned and sanitized (observed employee wash and rinse dishes without sanitizing; dishes were rewashed, rerinsed and sanitized during inspection); improper cold holding temperatures (sausage, some on prep table, some in refrigerator, cooked 7-1/2 hours earlier;

Ready-to-eat ham on prep table at 70 degrees; employee stated sausage had already cooled completely, said ham and sausage was out of temperature because it had been out of refrigerator for 10 minutes while making sandwiches, discarded 2 pounds and discussed returning items to refrigerator while not in use);

Improper date marking and disposition (open ready-to-eat ham not date-marked, discussed proper date-marking procedures during inspection.)

A follow-up inspection was completed the same day, with critical violations corrected and score adjusted to 96.

• Uncle Billy’s, 200 S. Market St., Paris — May 19. Score: 100.

• McDonald’s, 1019 Mineral Wells Ave., Paris — May 19. Score: 97.

• TNT Pizza, 14244 Hwy. 79, Buchanan — May 20. Score: 95.

This was a follow-up inspection, with critical violations corrected from May 11.

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