Damage at city park

Stains from tire marks and a large fire blacken the parking lot Wednesday near the Gerald Howard Municipal Swimming Pool at Eiffel Tower Park. At upper left, security camera footage shows several people gathered around the fire set in the parking lot, as well as a group of vehicles. The city released the photo Tuesday night as officials asked for help identifying the people responsible for the damage, vandalism and trash-dumping currently going on in the city’s park system.

The City of Paris is asking for help from the public as officials investigate a series of vandalisms inside its park system, particularly at Eiffel Tower Park.

The city released photos of recent damage to Eiffel Tower and Johnson parks.

“Some problems we are experiencing are excessive trash left in parking lots, revving engines, doing donuts in parking lots and on sports fields, restroom destruction and most recently large bonfires being lit in the parking lot,” a city spokesman said.

Photos from security camera footage (seen above) shows vehicles parked at night near the Gerald Howard Municipal Pool. A group of people can be seen gathered around a large fire in the parking lot.

City officials ask anyone who can identify anyone in the photo, or who has information about the damage to the parks, to contact the Paris Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at 641-1437.

“Our goal is to keep all parks open for public use 24 hours per day,” the spokesman said. “To accomplish this, we will be increasing patrols by the Paris Police Department.

“But we also need your assistance. We ask that you be observant when in the parks and report any suspicious or destructive behavior.”

Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity is asked to immediately call 642-2424 and choose Option 2.

The number is monitored around the clock, and can be used to promptly dispatch Paris Police officers.

“We appreciate your assistance in locating these offenders and bringing them to justice. Today and in the future, violators will be prosecuted.”

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