Henry County Medical Center may be taking a hard look at the financial performance of its behavioral health center.

The HCMC Board of Trustees learned Thursday that the hospital consolidated two floors at the Lake Haven Behavioral Center into one recently as a cost-saving measure.

According to statistics from the financial report, the hospital’s psychiatric admissions are down 16% during the first six months of this fiscal year as compared to the 2018-19 fiscal year, with only 224 admissions this year to date through the end of December.

Chief Nursing Officer Neely Ashby said instead of having four patients on one floor and six on another, the hospital would consolidate those patients into one 12-bed unit on the fourth floor.

CEO Lisa Casteel said the hospital would be taking a close look at the center.

Board Chairman Scott Whitby said profitability at Lake Haven had been a point of discussion since 1996.

“I hate to talk about a service that needs to be in the community, but it has got to at least pull its own weight,” he said. “That’s not being ugly about it, that’s just being fair about it, and that’s not too much to ask.”

In other business, the board:

• Learned that the medical center finished with losses of about $118,000 for December.

According to the presentation by Chief Financial Office Dale Guffey, HCMC is currently running $519,000 in the red on its year-to-date budget.

• Acknowledged $620,321 in bad debt.

• Approved $218,557 in capital and projects requests, including $200,000 for a hemodynamic system upgrade for the hospital’s cardiac catheterization lab.

• Approved the Emergency Medical Services financial statement during a separate meeting of the EMS board.

• Acknowledged that board member James Travis had been awarded the Drum Major for Justice Award by the Paris-Henry County Ministerial Alliance.

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