Talking signs

Henry County High School Athletic Director Mike Poteete (left) and HCHS Principal Michele Webb discuss how best to arrange signs at the football field, fieldhouse and theater on the HCHS campus Wednesday afternoon at a facilities committee meeting.

The Henry County Board of Education will be exploring options for adding signs at the Henry County High School fieldhouse, football field and theater to indicate their new dedications.

At a facilities committee meeting Wednesday, members of the school board, as well as other Henry County School System employees, discussed how best to place signs.

For the Coach Bill Hudson Field, an arch above the entrance was quickly ruled out, as large items such as bleachers must be carried through entrances.

Board member Josh Frey suggested they place the sign dedicating the field to Hudson under the electronic scoreboard.

HCHS Athletic Director Mike Poteete said it would be a good place for it, but they place the state championship banners under the scoreboard and there may not be sufficient room.

HCHS Principal Michele Webb said the top of the scoreboard is not flat, so it couldn’t go above.

Director of Schools Leah Watkins suggested that Poteete and Facilities Manager John Akers measure the scoreboard to see if it would be possible to place a metal banner reading “Coach Bill Hudson Field” directly under the scoreboard and state championship banners below that.

The committee agreed to take the measurements and further discuss the field at a later date.

For the Coach James M. Counce Fieldhouse, the committee first discussed placing the sign on the side of the fieldhouse facing the field.

Akers said that side of the fieldhouse has several doors and air conditioning units mounted on the wall.

Frey and Watkins agreed that placing the sign on that side of the fieldhouse would make it look cluttered.

Watkins suggested they place a sign on the southeast side of the fieldhouse, facing the entrance to the field.

The committee decided to take measurements and further discuss placing the signage there at a later date.

While Counce is commonly referred to as Coach Counce Sr., his name actually did not include a “Sr.” and it will not be included on the fieldhouse.

Webb said they would be dedicating The Linda Wilson Miller Theatre at an open house Sept. 9.

This will be before the field and fieldhouse are dedicated to Hudson and Counce in early October.

Webb said a bronze plaque could be placed between the two main doors to the theater that included her name, her years with HCHS and possibly a quote from her.

Watkins said Webb could go ahead with these plans, as the board had already voted on the dedication.

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