Surveying her handiwork

From left, Metro Crime Unit and Paris Police Investigator Jeramye Whitaker, Metro Crime Unit Investigator and Sheriff’s Sgt. Jamie Myrick, Henry County Sheriff’s Department K-9 officer Xoey and Sheriff’s Deputy Hayley French go through items seized during the arrests of Brooke Myers and Korey Rick. Between 10-12 pounds of marijuana, more than 150 THC vape cartridges, three vehicles and more than $13,000 were seized .

Members of the Metro Crime Unit seized a large amount of marijuana and arrested two Paris residents Monday afternoon after a traffic stop.

Korey Rick, 26, and Brooke Myers, 28, both of 2008 Red Oak Drive were charged with multiple drug offenses after a house check and traffic stop.

According to a citation report, Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy Hayley French and Sheriff’s Sgt. Jamie Myrick stopped Myers for a brake light violation and talking on a cellphone while driving a little after noon Monday.

French’s K-9 officer Xoey was instructed to inspect the vehicle and indicated there were drugs. Myrick said in a Tuesday press conference that officers found two large boxes in Myers’ vehicle.

Myrick said the boxes were searched and contained four packages, approximately 5 or 6 pounds, of “high grade marijuana.” The boxes also contained about 150 vape cartridges containing high levels of THC oil.

Myers was arrested for possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance with the intent to distribute, unlawful drug paraphernalia and criminal conspiracy to deliver Schedule VI controlled substances.

Close to the same time Myrick and French were searching Myers’ car, Paris Police Department Investigators Jeramye Whitaker and Derrek Colley were completing a home check at 2008 Red Oak Drive, where both Myers and Rick, who was arrested in November for possession of 10 pounds of marijuana, live.

During the home check, the officers spotted a small bag of marijuana in plain view.

At this point, Rick revoked consent for the search and Whitaker and Colley obtained a warrant. Upon continuation of their search, they found a large postal box containing four smaller boxes. They found between 5 and 6 pounds of marijuana in those boxes and also noticed a cooler containing more THC vape cartridges and a couple of digital scales.

Myrick said they also seized $13,503 in cash from the home and Rick’s body, $13,010 of which was banded together in thousands and hidden in a bag.

In addition to the drugs, money and paraphernalia, members of the MCU seized a Chevrolet pickup truck, a Chevrolet SUV and a Jeep SUV from the home.

Rick was arrested at about 1:30 p.m. for possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance with the intent to distribute, unlawful drug paraphernalia and criminal conspiracy to deliver a Schedule VI controlled substance.

Whitaker said officers found between 10-12 pounds of marijuana total, which he said would carry a street value of about $60,000, in addition to the vape cartridges.

Sheriff Monte Belew said the THC vape cartridges are illegal in Tennessee and are treated just like marijuana.

He said they are sold for about $25-$30 a vial and are popular with younger people in the area.

Myrick said Rick and Myers were major distributors in the area, and French had been working this case for months.

“Xoey was basically the key to the whole operation,” he said.

This was Xoey’s first drug bust since she was certified as a drug-sniffing K-9 officer in March.

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