Santa Claus is coming to town again this year, and has asked The Post-Intelligencer to help him keep track of all the letters sent from girls and boys in Henry County.

“I get so many letters from wonderful and creative boys and girls every year,” said the jolly man himself.

“It becomes hard to remember specifically what everyone has asked for. I have The P-I to thank for all their help in keeping me organized.”

Santa made his request in advance of his annual visit to downtown Paris today, and The P-I could not be happier to lend a hand.

Santa asks for children to write the letters themselves and to send them either by traditional mail or email.

Letters may also be dropped off at The P-I office at 208 E. Wood St. in Paris.

Traditionally mailed letters should be addressed to Santa Claus, c/o The P-I, P.O. Box 310, Paris.  

Emailed letters should be sent to

Individual letters received by Dec. 11 will be in a Dec. 20 special section that includes Christmas greeting ads.

Groups such as local classrooms and day care centers were notified earlier this month to submit their letters by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

After the deadline, all letters, as well as printed copies of all emails received, will be taken by the reindeer to the North Pole, so that Santa’s list can be checked twice before his traditional worldwide journey on Dec. 24.

Here’s the first letter sent to Santa by mail:

Dear Santa From Mason

what I want for christmas is an electrec scooter and another hover bord but I’m sorry that I left it out in a storm three times and it broke and I want a new bed stile but not the wood and also an ipod and ear pods.

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