Michael Williams

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, The Post-Intelligencer is committed to keeping the Paris-Henry County community informed with the latest news about this crisis.

We also are determined to continue providing the public with local news stories, features, photographs, obituaries, various columns, comics, TV grids and so much more.

Some readers may have noticed that we’ve had fewer pages in recent issues of The P-I, and there’s a very good reason for that.

One category of information available in your newspaper is advertising, which supplies vital news about local businesses, public notices, even lost dogs and individual items a reader may be offering for sale.

The P-I is a for-profit business, like so many others in our city and county. Advertising supplies about three-fourths of our newspaper’s revenue, with subscriptions and other newspaper sales accounting for the other one-fourth.

When so many of our businesses are forced to close temporarily, it puts a severe dent in our revenue.

Each issue must have enough advertising to pay for its printing cost — plus cover salaries, utilities and all the other things it takes to keep a business open.

Fewer ads means fewer pages — it’s that simple.

As our community recovers from the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and businesses reopen, we hope to see our number of pages return to normalcy.

We want to continue to provide our community with all the news, events and features that are available. We plan to be here long after the coronavirus is gone; but to do that, we need your support.

We’re all in this strange time together.

We have to pull together to make it through.

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