Henry County Medical Center's drive-through COVID-19 vaccination event was such a success Tuesday that the medical center used up all of its Pfizer vaccine for now.

There were 765 doses administered at the parking lot at Plumley Rehabilitation Center at Henry County Healthcare Center beginning at 8:45 a.m. The vaccine had run out by 2 p.m., according to Paula Bell, director of pharmacy at HCMC, who spoke during a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Vaccines still remain to be given to local teachers, who have been prioritized by the state, on Wednesday and Thursday, but there's no more vaccine for the general public.

That means drive-through events that had been scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the healthcare center parking lot have been called off.

Those who received vaccines waited in line, some since early Tuesday morning, to get the dose of Pfizer vaccine. They were required to be Henry County residents and at least 65 years old.

Bell said she doesn't know when HCMC will get its next allocation from the state. She said she's hopeful another shipment will be sent as soon as possible, especially once the medical center reports how many doses were administered today.

"The state allotted (a certain amount of) vaccine to each county," said Lisa Casteel, HCMC CEO.

Bell said personnel from 11 different departments pitched in to help during Tuesday's drive-through event.

Casteel said she becomes exasperated thinking of the people who believe the COVID pandemic is some kind of exaggerated hoax.

"Health care people aren't telling you a lie," Casteel said. "Open your eyes. See what's happening. This is real, not exaggerated. Why would we report deaths that aren't real?"

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