The Paris Special School District board viewed a demonstration of a new bus lift at its Tuesday night meeting.

Doug Woodworth, the PSSD’s transportation maintenance supervisor, who provided the demonstration, said the lift had already paid for itself, and will continue to be of use to the school district.

He demonstrated different speeds and heights the lift mechanism could use to help him repair various parts of the PSSD buses.

Supt. Norma Gerrell said that before the bus lift was purchased, Woodworth would have to send buses off for various repairs, but with the lift, he can complete many of these on his own in the bus bay.

In other meeting business:

• The board announced the construction at Rhea Elementary School was complete.

In September, the board approved a transfer of $415,000 from the general purpose fund into the capital projects fund to complete the Rhea project.

The board approved the transfer of the remaining $100,901 back to the general purpose fund Tuesday.

• The board unanimously on second reading OK’d additions to the code of conduct policy.

Trauma-informed discipline is added to the policies.

Level one discipline, which addresses behavior including classroom disturbances, tardiness and cheating, now includes cause and effect counseling. The teacher may ask a student what caused them to act out, and what the effects of their behavior on themselves and others are.

Level two discipline, which addresses continuation of level one offenses as well as behavior including forgery, now includes cause and effect conversation as well as a possible referral to a counselor or an outside agency. This does not include the Department of Children’s Services.

Level three discipline is for continuation of level one and three offenses as well as offenses such as minor vandalism, fighting and tobacco or alcohol use. It now includes a functional behavior assessment, as well as cause and effect counseling and counselor referral. Special Education Supervisor Sherry Wagner is trained to administer a functional behavior assessment, but Gerrell says training is underway for other staff.

A completion of an adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) checklist is also recommended at this level.

Level four discipline, which is for continuation of behavior under the previous levels as well as offenses such as death threats, possession of weapons and drug possession, now includes a referral to DCS or juvenile court if necessary.

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