A change in the process of inspecting new subdivisions was approved Thursday by the Paris Municipal Regional Planning Commission.

The city planners voted to adopt an amendment to the city’s subdivision regulations to place the responsibility for final inspections of subdivisions with the engineer who designed the project.

Up until now, city staff members were the ones who inspected and either approved or disapproved changes in subdivision plans. Those changes could include improvements to streets, utilities, grading, drainage or any drainage features.

In considering the amendment, planners were asked to consider the fact engineers would likely have more expertise or better equipment to offer good judgment on the final product after the subdivision work is completed.

Under the new amendment, the subdivision developers will be required to provide an “as-built” approval from the engineer that would certify the work. The developer will also be responsible for the costs of that inspection process.

In the only other item of business Thursday, the planners OK’d a site plan submitted by T&C Taxes, located at 102 Fairview St., which had its property rezoned some time ago. 

No engineer’s review was needed in this case because less than an acre of land was disturbed in the site plan. That will allow the company to proceed with paving or other further development at that location.

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