Henry County voters are in the midst of the early voting period for the Aug. 4 election here, but a local election official is concerned that many voters may not understand the makeup of the ballot for this election.

DeLaina Green, county administrator of elections, said an unusually large number of voters are upset when they learn they have to declare whether they are voting in the Democratic or Republican primary.

“They sometimes aren’t understanding that the primaries and having to choose a party applies only to the state races and that everybody gets the same full county general ballot,” Green said.

Races that are at the primary stage include the ones for U.S. House of Representatives, Tennessee House of Representatives and Tennessee Senate. Voters must declare a party preference to vote in those races.

All the local races, however, are at the general election stage. That includes the ones for property assessor, road supervisor, county road board, county school board and Paris Special School District board. Every voter will receive ballots that include those races.

“I think people could possibly be putting off voting because they think they have to choose party on the county level,” Green said.

Since early voting began July 15, there have been 1,055 voters, she said. 

That includes 799 Republicans, 217 Democrats and 39 general.

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