Turkeys to be given away Tuesday

Jay Sukhadia (front) and his staff at Patriot Mart in Paris check the store’s supply of turkeys that will be part of a massive turkey giveaway Tuesday at the store, at 1330 E. Wood St., the corner of East Wood Street and Chickasaw Road. Holding a turkey in the background is Janet McFadden, then counter-clockwise from back are Jesie Taylor, April Tipton, Fischer Rowlett, Josie Taylor, Sukhadia’s father Tony, and Kaitlyn Phillips (front right). The giveaway starts at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

A group of local businesses are joining forces to provide 300 free turkeys to families for Thanksgiving this week.

Spearheaded by Jay Sukhadia, owner of the Patriot Mart convenience store at 1330 E. Wood St., the community-minded giveaway has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks.

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