Tennessee is attempting to get the same kind of federal grant that Kentucky received for the upcoming Highway 641 widening project between Paris and Murray.

State Rep. Bruce Griffey, R-Paris, said Tuesday that several officials “have committed to working with and supporting us (Henry County) to try to get full funding for the project through a BUILD grant with the USDOT ( Department of Transportation).”

Those officials include state Rep. Dan Howell, R-Cleveland; Clay Bright, commissioner of the state DOT; and Paul Degges, assistant commissioner and chief engineer with the state DOT.

Kentucky already has a federal BUILD grant of $23 million secured for its part of the project.

Griffey said the Tennessee plan is to proceed with the project to the Kentucky state line as either a five-lane highway (two lanes each way with a turn lane in the middle) or a divided four-lane (two lanes each way with a median in between).

Griffey said TDOT has discussed the safety and access issues that are involved, depending on what type of road is constructed.

“Typically, a divided four-lane has higher speeds, more accidents and much more restricted access by businesses and residents along the road as well as limited ‘cut-throughs’ to access on the other side of the highway,” he said.

“On the other hand, a five-lane road typically has lower speeds, thus fewer serious accidents, and better access for businesses and residents along the route.”

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