25 years ago

First Baptist Church members Jack Sparks Sr. and Grover Hudspeth were pictured gathering up items for an auction to raise funds for a proposed new family life center at the church. 

Marian Holt presented a demonstration on making potpourri dolls at a meeting of the Creative Homemakers Club. Freida Sullivan volunteered to lead a party for nursing home residents. 

Three members of the local chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy attended a chartering service of the Caroline Meriwether Goodlett chapter of the UDC in Clarksville. In the group were Marilyn Townsend, Sandra L. Paschall and Donna Caldwell. 


50 years ago

The former location of M. Livingston Co. on North Market Street had been flattened and the dirt was prepared for paving for a new city parking lot. 

The temperature here on Oct. 28 dipped to 27 degrees, bringing the heaviest frost of the season. A Bill Williams photo depicted rime frost on grass and leaves at Cooper and Curtis streets. 

A new addition to the staff at Henry County General Hospital was Dr. Frank Sleadd, pathologist, who came to the hospital in August. 

The Happy Greer Delphian Club met with Mrs. Raymond Wheeler. The program consisted of excerpts from “The Magnificent Obsession” by Lloyd C. Douglas by members of the Little Theater group. Theater member Frazier Cravens explained the work of the Little Theater. 

75 years ago

A soldier from Boston leaped quickly into a foxhole in France to escape an artillery barrage and landed right beside his brother, who he had not seen in two years. 

The Japanese navy in the Pacific was reported to be limping desperately away from the Philippines, hounded at every turn by the triumphant American forces. Gen. Douglas MacArthur called the latest action “Japan’s most crushing defeat of the war.” 

Mrs. W.P. Williams had written a story about the flowers grown by Mrs. S.J. Routon, noted ornamental gardener. In bloom at the time, the terraced back yard of the Routon home on Dunlap Street was a sea of different colored chrysanthemums.


100 years ago

A mammoth airplane, the Atlantic, which had been built to bombard Berlin in the world war, was being used to ferry passengers all over the eastern United States, It was a bi-plane and would carry up to 50 people. 

Dentist J.D. Weldon cautioned people to get their teeth fixed before cold weather came. He noted that toothaches were worse in cold weather.

The Presbyterian Church was filled to capacity for Sunday services. Former pastor, the Rev. Jesse M. Corum, spoke on faith. An extensive review of his sermon constituted several columns in the newspaper. 

A business meeting of the Ladies Aid of the Christian Church was held at the home of Jerry Covington on Brewer Street. Mrs. McNeill presided.

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