A full house Wednesday night at the Henry County Fairgrounds livestock barn saw a hog belonging to Bryleigh Hayes named as overall grand champion of the Henry County Fair’s Junior Market Hog Show, the third year in a row Hayes won the crown.

A sophomore at Henry County High School, Hayes is the daughter of Chuck and Cheri Hayes.

There were 32 hogs competing in the main show and another 12 in the Pre-4-H show.

Hayes won the same title in 2019 and 2020.

Maci Smith was the reserve grand champion. In the Bred and Born competition, Michael Eichel was champion and Ryker Heaton was reserve champion.

The judge for the show was Brett Crow of Moulton, Ala. Crow is director of the Morgan County, Ala., Agriculture Extension Service.

He was the judge for all of the junior market shows this year.

Here are results during the course of Wednesday’s show:


• Class One (208-222 pounds) — Remington Lowe, first; Anson Diggs, second; Pearl Davis, third; Kaylee Powell, fourth; Aiden Frey, fifth; Jack Trosper, sixth; Eric Taylor, seventh.

• Class Two (224-239 pounds) — Addalon “A.A.” Davis, first; Parker James, second; Maci Jarnigan, third; Airlie Daniels, fourth; Evelyn Diggs, fifth; Josie Diggs, sixth.

• Class Three (241-246 pounds) — Mia Arnold, first; Cavan Daniels, second; Marley Trosper, third; Michael Eichel, fourth; Daisy Bennett, fifth.

• Divison finals — Addalon “A.A.” Davis, first; Parker James, second.

• Bred and Born — Michael Eichel, first; Daisy Bennett, second.


• Class Four (253-268 pounds) — Bryleigh Hayes, first; Maci Smith, second; Katelyn Koch, third; Brayden Tosh, fourth; Dixie Bennett, fifth.

• Class Five (269-285 pounds) — Devin Valentine, first; Ryker Heaton, second; Brooklyn Koch, third; Bryan Hall Jr., fourth; Benjamin Schultz, fifth; Susie Schultz, sixth.

• Class Six (303-368 pounds) — Collin Whitehead, first; Edward Kiner, second; Colsyn Edwards, third; Zeb Beecham, fourth; Conner Beecham, fifth; Jimmy Schultz, sixth.

• Division finals — Bryleigh Hayes, first; Maci Smith, second.

• Bred and Born — Ryker Heaton, first; Brooklyn Koch, second.


• Bryleigh Hayes, grand champion; Maci Smith, reserve.

• Bred and Born — Michael Eichel, grand champion; Ryker Heaton, reserve.


Reed James, first; Mason Payne, second; other entrants: Bryce Edwards, Karina Diggs, Bennett McDade.


Macie James, first; Parker McDade, second; other entrants: Eva Beecham, Sophia Diggs, Caleb Diggs, Annistyn Jarnigan, Kian Daniels.


(Thursday morning)

• Senior high — Bryleigh Hayes, first; Pearl Davis, second; Katelyn Koch, third.

• Junior high — Remington Lowe, first; Collin Whitehead, second; Michael Eichel, third; Kaylee Powell, fourth; Parker James, fifth; Brooklyn Koch, sixth; Evelyn Diggs, seventh.

• Junior — Airlie Daniels, first; Addalon “A.A.” Davis, second; Anson Diggs, third; Benjamin Schultz, fourth; Colsyn Edwards, fifth; Josie Diggs, sixth.

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