PARIS, TN: Crowd gathers at courthouse after social media post

A crowd of more than 60 people gathered at the court square in downtown Paris Saturday night in apparent response to social media posts that had circulated. Those posts indicated buses full of Antifa and/or Black Lives Matter activists were coming to Paris to tear down the statue of the Confederate soldier that is on the Henry County courthouse lawn. No buses appeared at the square. The crowd was at about 60-70 about 7 p.m., grew to about 90 by 8:30 p.m., then dissipated to about 35 by 9 p.m. Damon Lowe, chief deputy with the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, said he thought the posts had originated from an event Friday night in Murray, where a pre-arranged peaceful protest had occurred without incident. Some posts indicated two buses full of activists were at the parking lot of a Mineral Wells Avenue convenience store early Saturday evening. Lowe said those buses actually were full of soldiers being taken to Fort Campbell. The Paris Police Department responded to a call about 8:30 p.m. Saturday at the Henry County Farm Bureau building on North Poplar Street, where a front window had been shot, apparently with a BB gun. Lowe planned to station several deputies around the court square into Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

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Think everyone needs up by taking first statue down .part of history .for next generation . shouldn't be know black lives matter or white lives . should read all lives matter .read ur part history books if u can .talk about slavery first ones that brought here was by ur on mind

Paul Carney



Nice to see the racists out themselves

Paul Carney


Tn Traveler

The Facebook post was full of misinformation. This could have led to total mayhem. …

(Edited by staff.)


Your absolutely right!


To Paul Carney and cwbyht--do you have anything in the way of proof and evidence to base your statements on?


Again! Misinformed! God Bless AMERICA!

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