A Paris man was arrested early Wednesday morning after pulling a gun on another person during an altercation at a Mineral Wells Avenue business.

Deshar Sanchez Patton, 30, of 96 Tanglewood Lane was arrested at 12:22 a.m. by Paris Police Patrolman David Beauvais.

According to a report from Beauvais, he responded to the business after a call about a gun being pointed at someone in the parking lot.

Beauvais saw Patton, who matched the description given to officers, walking away from a silver car.

Beauvais said Patton did not have a weapon on him when he checked him.

After detaining Patton, Beauvais spoke to the woman who made the call. She said Patton pulled into the parking lot in a red car and began yelling at a man in a white car in the lot.

As he moved toward the next parking space, she could see that Patton was holding a gun. When he pointed it at the occupant of the silver car, she made the 911 call.

She said Patton lowered his gun and began punching the other man in the face.

Beauvais said he detained the man in the silver car after he found a Hi-Point 9mm carbine semiautomatic rifle in the trunk of his car.

The rifle was eventually determined to belong to another passenger in the silver car, and the first man was released.

He said the man was holding a bloody paper towel in his hand when he detained him.

Beauvais found a silver Ruger 9 mm pistol in a trash can in the parking lot. It had a round in the chamber and two rounds in the magazine.

Patton was placed under arrest and charged with aggravated assault. He was transported to the Henry County jail without incident.

He is scheduled to appear today in Henry County General Sessions Court. 

His bond was set at $40,000.

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