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Happy Insurrection Day, people!

In the future, if the America we now have still exists, the histories from this period will tell the story that many of our fellow citizens downplay or dismiss.

Keeping with my ideology that all politics are local. one of the ways that I now put people who I know have a opposite political view than mine on the hotspot is to ask them a combination of questions, just to see where they stand.

The two main questions I ask are: Was the election stolen from Donald Trump? And was what happened on Jan. 6 at the Capitol an insurrection?

Some Trump-infused people parrot the Big Lie and say that the election was stolen, then proceed down the usual conspiracy rabbit holes that were thrown out of every court in the nation, including the super-Republican-dominated U.S. Supreme Court.

Others will say that what happened was carried out by a few rogue actors and not the coordinated grand spectacle that the mainstream media and Democrats have made it out to be.

To those people, I respond by only giving them the perspective I’ve garnered from people who — until Donald Trump co-opted the party — considered themselves Republicans, like Michael Steele, Steve Schmidt, Stuart Stevens, George Conway, George Will, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Nicolle Wallace, S.E. Cupp the Cheneys and the Bushes.

Their reply is usually those people just don’t like Trump.

But the one’s I get the biggest kick out of are ones who ignore the question totally, as did a conservative with whom I correspond via email from time to time.

For years, I used the term hypocritical Republicans to describe how people on the right reacted to things done by those who share their political views, aims and goal or attempted to reshape and downplay the severity of the event if it was despicable or criminal.

For example, if a Democratic political figure has a sex scandal, it’s another example of how liberal mores have degraded their ability to serve. But if a Republican has a sex scandal and brings his minister out to stand alongside him and his understanding wife, then it becomes a matter between the man, the wife and their God.

Every time there has been a righteous racial uprising in this country, I’ve read and listened as non- and self-serving right-wingers painted all the participants with the same broad brush as being rioters, looters, thugs and worse who should be dealt with to the highest extent the law can deal with them.

But for the last year, when they discuss what happened on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, it is either in hushed tones or they double down calling their rioters and looters patriots and political prisoners, and that’s coming from sitting members of Congress and state office-holders.

In their eyes, uprisings, coups and insurrections are only good if they come from the right side.

From the Bottom where I see things, the reason they are taking this approach isn’t out of shame or embarrassment — they see it working the next time.

Throughout history, when the other side finally wins, it’s not a one-shot occurrence; there have always been dry runs or close calls before the eventual victory or success.

Before the planes took down the Twin Towers, there was an attempt from below eight years before. It took the Taliban years before they got control of Afghanistan both times. Castro didn’t conqueror Cuba his first try. Lenin didn’t take Moscow in 1905 and even Hitler had a beer hall putsch.

If you believe I’m being hyperbolic, 147 Trump acolytes in the House and Senate voted not to certify the election for Joe Biden, even after almost being victims of the very mob they egged on.

In states they control, Trumpian lawmakers have quickly passed laws to make it harder for certain people to vote and easier for them to challenge any results they don’t like the next time around.

All over the country, believers in Trump’s Big Lie have and continue to threaten and intimidate election officials and other public stewards of the voting process at every level.

The attempted coup was just that, a dry run at an undemocratic takeover of the U.S. government.

The storm is coming, and it’s coming for our democracy. How will real Americans react when they see it happening?

Stay tuned. And what are you going to bring to the party, and to which party are you going?


Hi, Momma Lois.


TONY KENDALL of Hazel is a writer, teacher, actor, playwright and sports fanatic. He can be reached by email at

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