I know what some of you are getting for Christmas. That’s right, some good ol’ Omicron!

Merry Christmas and a hacking New Year, if you’re not vaccinated or haven’t got any antibodies left from your last bout with the corona.

It’s really been a fascinating ride, this COVID-19 thing. And this latest variant is no different. It is moving so fast. But we knew that when it first appeared a couple months back. It’s got more spike proteins!

I have no idea what that means. I have no idea if I even said that correctly. But it sure sounds menacing.

And it is. In three weeks, the United States has gone from 3% to 73% of new cases being the Omicron variant.

If the first COVID-19, variant had moved this fast, a lot of people would be dead. I mean a lot! We wouldn’t have just had hospitals overwhelmed, we would have had a full-scale “bring out your dead” kind of deal.

In Denmark, where the government has been meticulous in its management of COVID-19, Omicron is putting a lot of people in hospitals. However, elsewhere, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So the bad news is, if you’re anti-vaccine, you’re probably going to get this strain. But, unless you have underlying issues, you probably won’t die.

The good news is if your parents or grand parents are properly immunized, your unvaccinated butt is probably not going to kill them over Christmas dinner. Congrats.

However, oops, sorry, more bad news, that’s only going to apply to about 77% of them. Yep, 23% of our community’s me-maws and peepaws are not vaccinated.

Worse, of people between 16 and 64, 56% are not vaccinated! Lots of moms, pops, grammys and d-daddies are in that group.

And then, of course, of those under 16, Henry County has a whopping 78% unvaccinated. If you are the God-fearing or God-loving types, you need to be doing some praying for the babies this Christmas and New Year.

Personally, I hate to potentially be contributing to the pandemic. Those of us who are inoculated can definitely get Omicron and not know it. And I don’t want to give it to someone.

That’s what’s been happening at the NFL level. Their players were getting it and not feeling sick. But the NFL had daily mandatory testing, and so even vaccinated players were getting tested.

Now, in an effort to finish their season, unless the team has a major breakout, the daily testing for vaccinated players is gone!

That’s good news for me, a vaccinated season-ticket holder, but bad news for non-vaccinated offensive lineman in a scrum with an asymptomatic defensive end!

So there you have it, folks. I so much wanted to bring you a message of love and giving this holiday season; but instead, it’s just fear and loathing of those giving you a disease — not my standard fare.

Please stay safe and keep your distance from your unvaccinated loved ones. And merry Christmas, people.


 DAN JACKSON is a self-employed Paris businessman. His email address is danjackson@alittleoff.net.

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