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After a couple of weeks that left me scratching my head over the starts from a couple of my favorite football teams at the high school and college level, there was some light coming from at least one of them.

My Henry County High School Patriots reminded Dyer County that two wins against teams that were barely over .500 last season doesn’t quite measure up to two losses against teams that played in the 4A state final and one of the 5A state semifinal games last season.

But Dyer County fans were not the only ones questioning our Pats.

After both losses, several people I work with who are area high school football fans asked me what was wrong with Henry County or if this was a rebuilding year.

A couple of them had smirks on their faces when they asked.

The first words out of my mouth were that I let them know when the Patriots last lost a region game.

Then I followed that answer with the observation that the Patriots were playing with a freshman quarterback and went into those first two games without the services of their top rusher from last season.

As an iconic Matthew McConaughey movie character once said about freshmen, “They become sophomores.” And the one currently under center or in shotgun for Henry County is only going to get better as the season goes along.

Running back Jalyn Foster returned and ran like he did for most of the games last season, gaining 79 yards on some hard runs, and rushing for two touchdowns.

Chests in the Kendall section of Patriot Stadium and in a car driving down Highway 79 were poked out just a bit last Friday because of nephew Jayden’s performance.

On the college front Saturday, the teams I follow won, had a moral victory and lost again to a team that was beneath them in every area besides effort and the scoreboard.

My Murray State University Racers took the money and played SEC power team and nationally ranked Georgia.

 At the end of the first quarter, the score was tied at 7-7 and Murray was playing well, scoring on a 59 yard TD pass, forcing and recovering a Georgia fumble, making the Dawgs punt twice and used a time out on a fourth-down play.

A couple minutes into the second quarter, the Dawgs were let out, as Georgia scored 35 straight points on their way to a 63-17 win.

But my Racers didn’t back down; they hit back and repeatedly got up off the mat when they were punched in the mouth.

Can’t say the same for the Vols.

From the Bottom where I see things, it looked like they quit at times Saturday.

While not ready to call for regime change on Rocky Top, I will start the “wait ’til next year” chant early.

The team I root for that won on Saturday were the Michigan Wolverines, but I wasn’t rooting for them.

In my heart, I’ve always been an underdog kind of guy, unless the behemoth in question is my team.

When Army went up by a touchdown on Michigan, I switched my allegiance temporarily.

I moaned when the Black Knights got out of character and attempted a pass deep in the red zone while  up by seven midway during the third quarter — and were intercepted by the Wolverines.

Army had another opportunity to win, but a 50-yard field goal attempt went wide right.

Michigan went on to win in overtime; but it was a hollow victory.

One of the best answers of the season by a player came after this game.

An Army player was asked if the team was intimidated by playing in front of such a huge and hostile crowd at Michigan. The second-lieutenant- to-be smiled and said, “No, we are in the Army.”

A couple weeks ago, I wrote that I would only have a causal interest in the NFL this season.

Overall, that is true, with the exception of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Murray State basketball fans will have to wait until October to see Ja Morant, the highest-drafted Racer in school history, play for the Memphis Grizzlies.

But football fans in the region got to see Quincy Williams, the school’s highest-ever NFL draft pick, make his pro debut Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Williams, the team’s third-round draft pick, got his name called on the game’s first play when he tackled Chief’s running back Damien Williams for a two-yard loss.

He finished the game with four solo tackles, but scared Racer fans when it appeared he injured his knee while making a tackle late in the first half.

He returned in the second half and played well, according to his coaches.

Go, Big Red!



I don’t care what the Democrats in Congress have on their agenda once back from their summer break.

But if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give her blessing to begin official impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, she and the members of her leadership team will lose my support.

It seems that each day brings to light another impeachable offense that can be added to the growing list.

Had they been done by former President Barack Obama, impeachment hearings in a Republican-controlled Congress would have begun as soon as Obama finished taking the oath of office.

In addition to the nine or 10 impeachable offenses mentioned in the Mueller Report, some news sites list more than 50 other things that reach the impeachment threshold.

Just this week, we learned Trump was ordering military cargo planes on their way to and from the Middle East to land and refuel at small airports in Scotland and Ireland, and stay at Trump properties nearby.

According to every military person I know and saw on TV who have been on missions such as these, refueling at commercial airports and staying at high-end hotels are not the norm.

To a person, they said normal operating procedure was for them to refuel at U.S. or NATO bases and, if possible, stay on the base where they refueled.

If that wasn’t enough, Trump also suggested to Vice President Mike Pence last week that he too should stay at the Trump property in Ireland when he traveled to the country for meetings with his Irish counterpart.

This was despite the fact that Pence’s meetings were in Dublin and the Trump property was 180 miles on the other side of the country.

Remember the outcry from the Right whenever Obama would take his children and mother-in-law on trips with him?

We are still waiting for the once-self-righteous deficit hawks to say something about the extra expense to American taxpayers who had to pay for those three days of back-and-forth driving by Pence and his entourage.

Can we say gross misuse of presidential power and violations of the federal emolument act?



After missing the 30th reunion, I’m looking forward to seeing ole classmates, some of whom I haven’t seen in a generation and a half, this weekend at our 40th reunion.

 I’ve also enjoyed spending time with the people who worked hard putting it all together the past few months.

See some of you Friday evening at Perrylodgic and Saturday evening at the Paris Convention Center.


Hi, Momma Lois.


TONY KENDALL of Hazel is a writer, teacher, actor, playwright and sports fanatic. He can be reached by email at

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