The last couple weeks, I’ve been writing about income equality. For me it’s a stark problem our country has. You can see the numbers. You can read the statistics. It’s very real to most Americans, young or old, black or white, male or female.

But then this weekend we have another mass shooting.

Oh, wait — two in less than 24 hours. Demographically Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, couldn’t be any more different, yet in the same weekend they are essentially having the same problem.

I know there is zero point in me writing anything about mass shootings and the frustration that nothing — absolutely nothing — is being done about it. I know, because after Stoneman Douglas back in 2018, I wrote about a half dozen columns about it. Nothing happened.

Oh, by the way, Venezuela and Uruguay just issued travel warnings to their citizens regarding our country.

How nice.

So many shootings! So many motives! It boggles the mind — it really does!

The one in El Paso was evidently immigration/race related.

The one in Dayton is starting to look like a mental health issue, but then again he just happened to also kill his sister, so who knows?

Back at Stoneman Douglas you had yet another kid with a horrible home life, who decided murder was a good way to solve that.

Then we have the church shootings aimed at black people, white people and Jewish people.

Oh, and back in 2016 in the Orlando night club shooting, we have a homophobic murder of 49 people.

Have I covered all the reasons these mass shootings are happening? Let’s recap:

• atred of immigrants.

• atred of black people.

• atred of Jewish people.

• atred of homosexual people.

• ust darn crazy.

• chool shootings.

• orkplace shootings.

• orons have guns.

Sorry Trumpsters, I know I slipped that last one in on you. The gun thing. But, actually it’s the moron thing. I don’t think they should ban guns. I think we should ban morons owning guns.

Oh, and crazy people.

Oh, and people who post racist manifestos.

OK? Believe it or not, there are a lot of us left after that. Like 80%. No, I don’t have science to back up that 80%, I’m just using the old 80/20 rule from business school.

I am postulating that out of all of us, only about 20% of us make up the group that would murder over race, religion or sexuality, or are just darn crazy, or are morons.

The moron part takes up a huge part, I’ll admit. But still, that leaves 80% of you guys who can still own whatever stinking gun you want! As many as you want! I don’t care!

Why? Because you aren’t a murderous racist. You aren’t a murderous crazy person.

And finally, you aren’t a murderous moron.

Anybody got a better idea? I’m waiting.


DAN JACKSON is a self-employed Paris businessman. His email address is

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