It’s the heat that defines us this month. It greets us at daybreak with its promise, but in an hour or so, it bears down on our shoulders and makes us dream of shade and something cold to drink.

The best thing about our hot season, however, are evenings — if the earth cools enough, maybe with the help of an afternoon rain shower,  and offers enough breeze to caress our cheeks.

Then it’s time to sit, laugh, tell stories and just be with someone we love. Then is the culmination of a day we can be proud of.

Inside each of us, we silently and privately applaud ourselves, because the hot day tried us, but we did it — all day. We made it through the heat today. Made it with our hands today.

Made it through to another precious evening when we can sit on the patio with something cold and someone sweet.

So it gets hot in the daytime. OK, but just don’t forget to give us these evenings, these blessed evenings when we can recall what cooler weather felt like.

Without these July evenings, it would just be another hot summer day.


SLIM RANDLES is a journalist and author of numerous books, including Home Country, which is available from

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