We, the members of the Henry County Republican Party, are actively recruiting servant candidates for local and regional public office. We are looking for those who wish to move beyond complaining about the problems and, instead, be part of the solutions. Our community, our nation and our world are in desperate need of elected officials who truly support the biblical values and constitutional protections of our God-given rights upon which our nation was founded, built and prospered. It seems our public offices are now overwhelmingly occupied by what’s-in-it-for-me types when what we really need are those with a true desire to serve others. Serving others with humility makes it possible to unselfishly serve the people in our county, district, state, nation and world. Most of us have been frustrated at the countless betrayals of politicians and bureaucrats, especially at the federal and state levels. Those who are faithful to their oaths of office to faithfully support the constitutions of Tennessee and of the United States without favor, affection, partiality or prejudice are exceedingly rare. In fact, as our current rightstrampling/stealing, spend-andtax-and-confiscate-and-spendand-borrow-and-spend state and federal government attest, far too many of those in government have no problem assenting/consenting to government actions which are injurious to the people and lessen or abridge our God-given rights and privileges. Both the Tennessee and U.S. constitutions are clear that the protection of our God-given rights is dependent upon limited and narrowly-defined government. Whether it be for the school board, county commission, countywide or districtwide office, potential candidates have to be clear about what government can and cannot do. Of course, we should work toward good government, good laws and good judges. But we cannot be naïve in thinking that government can rescue us from the abyss of moral and spiritual failure. In the Holy Bible, the Apostle Paul says we are to obey the government — in so far as it does not infringe on our commitment to God. The leaders we elect have great influence on our freedoms. Many of those in political office, especially at the federal level, are courted by those who hope to gain favor in an effort to advance their own agendas without concern for our freedoms. We should demand that all politicians faithfully execute their duties according to their oath and to that office to the glory of God and without compromising Christian principles. We, the HCGOP, are looking for people who will first and foremost and always protect our constitutionally protected, God-given rights and liberties. The HCGOP is looking for this type of candidate to support. If you are interested, please contact us at HCGOPRepublican@gmail.com.

TESS ROBBINS is chairman of the Henry County Republican Party.

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