“When billionaire-owned rocket companies got official government approval to launch people into space (themselves included), this explained why the little green people on all these recent UFO sightings have yet to land on Earth: Their landing paperwork is tied up somewhere in Washington’s bureaucracy.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“Use your best judgment if you find any runaway Texas legislators roaming the streets of Paris or Henry County. I expect they’re harmless enough, but if you feed them a serving or two of Henry County-style biscuits & gravy or a mess of West Tennessee barbecue, you run the risk of never getting rid of them again.” — Clyde Peterson.


“We all know that ‘good government’ isn’t a half dozen selected panelists whining on a cable news show about the issues of the day, but is instead the 300-plus million of us who form our communities, do our voting and demand nothing less than the very best from our political prima donna corps, right? Of course. We all know that.” — Clyde Peterson.


“President George W. Bush generously handed out Medals of Freedom to the neo-con brain trust that launched us into Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we’ll see how many medals get handed out as we uproot our last tent pole and get out of that forlorn neighborhood.” — Clyde Peterson.

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