OK, so I’m writing this on Tuesday morning, which means I have no idea who wins the Democratic Primary in Tennessee.

But of course, what does it really matter? Tennessee is a Red State, through and through. Only Nashville and Memphis have a shot at balanced politics. The rest of the state is stuck being far right.

Have you ever noticed how “Republicans” with common sense will talk only in hushed tones about their more moderate beliefs?

My favorite is about guns. I have guns — shotguns, rifles, handguns — I have them! I’m supposedly some big liberal, but I have them, too!

I like to hunt. I like to target shoot. I don’t have time to do either. But I enjoy it. I don’t think, however, every moron psychopath needs to be handed one at 18.

I don’t think college kids need to be carrying them on campus.

Heck, I had guns on campus when I was in college. But it was so my Humboldt buddies and I could go hunting after school.

That didn’t mean I had a desire to open-carry. How frightened do you have to be, or how fragile is your ego?

I know a bunch of you “Republicans” feel the same way I do. You know how I know? Because you tell me.

Yep, in that hushed tone you say the same thing. You don’t understand how things have gotten so out of control.

And you certainly don’t understand why the guy with no friends in high school, no friends at work and whose wife just left him for the postman is walking around Walmart with a Glock on full display.

But you have to say it in a hushed tone, don’t you? Otherwise, you’re Dan Jackson! You’re a liberal; you’re a Democrat.

You’re the worst thing in the world outside of a democratic socialist, which you think is almost as bad as an actual socialist.

These hushed tones aren’t getting us anywhere, people.

Hushed tones are the reasons our healthcare costs, particularly our insurance costs, are higher than 39 other states.

Because of your lack of willingness to speak up, our legislature never expanded Medicare.

And so our health insurance costs, based on 2019 numbers from the Silver plan, are higher than three-fifths of the nation — three-fifths of the nation!

And yes, every single state that didn’t expand the federal program, has insurance costs higher than the national average — every single state.

Let’s put that in perspective: In Massachusetts, the same insurance plan that costs us $485 a month, is just $324. They are $161 or 30% cheaper!

On the other hand, also in Massachusetts, the average home value is $394,000, while Tennessee’s is $170,000. Almost 60% more.

As a matter of fact, every factor of the cost of living in Massachusetts is higher than Tennessee’s, except healthcare. Again, everything is higher except healthcare!

The South is stuck in a cycle of ignorance. And because of that cycle of ignorance, we keep denying our citizens an opportunity to get ahead.

And because of that lack of opportunity, we keep forcing our children to live with less and less — less nutrition, less good health, less education, less and less.

And so we have guys with manhood issues walking the streets armed.

And so the cycle continues.


DAN JACKSON is a self-employed Paris businessman. His email address is danjackson@alittleoff.net.

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