In my recent columns, I have written about the importance of the need for our state to stand up to the federal government, as well as the need for our legislature to stand up to the governor on his violations of the state constitution (using COVID-19 as an excuse). I am happy to report that this is happening in our General Assembly to some degree, in the form of legislation being filed this session. I am also happy to report, as well, that there is legislation being sponsored to push back against the leftwing agenda in our society and their push to “cancel” or subjugate decent, patriotic Americans with traditional Christian values. Last but not least, good solid proSecond Amendment legislation is also being put forth. As introduced, the following summaries are some examples listed by primary sponsor (they can be read in their entirety at • From Rep. Bud Hulsey: HB-0013 — Prohibits state and local authorities from forcing, requiring or coercing a person to receive an immunization or vaccination for COVID-19 against the person’s will. Placed on Health Subcommittee calendar. HB-0172 (employees, employers) — Prohibits state and local government entities from requiring vaccinations as a condition of employment; provides unemployment benefits to a claimant who voluntarily leaves employment because the employer requires vaccination and the claimant refused to be vaccinated. Filed for introduction (FFI). HB-0700 (state government) — Prohibits the governor or the chief executive officer of a local government from requiring a law enforcement agency or an officer thereof from enforcing executive orders that require private business entities to close, restrict the freedom to assemble peaceably or restrict the freedom to travel. FFI. HB-1234 (economic and community development) — Requires the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations to perform a study and make recommendations to the Tennessee General Assembly regarding incentives to encourage and facilitate the relocation of manufacturers of ammunition components to this state. FFI. • From Rep. Glen Casada: HB-0911 (local government, general) — Requires any government entity responsible for issuing an emergency shutdown order requiring businesses to close or partially shutdown to reimburse the business; provides that businesses receive compensation for a shutdown based on their proceeds from the previous fiscal year. Intro passed first consideration (PFC). HB-0912 (General Assembly) — Requires the governor to transmit copies of federal executive orders to the Joint Government Operations Committee for review and to recommend to the General Assembly whether further action should be taken. PFC. HB-0372 (public employees) — Prohibits a government entity from requiring an employee of the entity to attend or participate in a training, seminar or continuing education which the employee objects to on the basis of the person’s morals, ethics, values or religious beliefs. On Public Service Subcommittee calendar. • From Rep. Scott Cepickey: HB-0003 (local education agencies) — Requires that a student’s gender for purposes of participation in a public middle school or high school interscholastic athletic activity or event be determined by the student’s sex at the time of the student’s birth, as indicated on the student’s original birth certificate. Placed on Education Administration calendar. • From Rep. Clay Doggert: HB-0693 (General Assembly) — Creates a committee to review federal actions affecting Tennessee and report to the General Assembly on the committee’s findings. FFI. HB-0899 (remedies and special proceedings) — Creates a civil action against any government entity, official, employee or agent that violates a person’s right to bear arms under the Tennessee or U.S. Constitution; specifies such a violation may be prosecuted as official oppression; provides for injunctive relief; clarifies that the enforcement of any law is not considered a violation. FFI. • From Rep. Ron Gant: HB-0513 (criminal offenses) — Increases the penalty for obstructing a highway from a Class B or C misdemeanor to a Class E felony and makes other related changes; creates the offense of throwing an object at another while participating in a riot; creates the offense of intimidating or harassing another while participating in a riot. Placed on Criminal Justice Subcommittee calendar for Feb. 17. • From Rep. Rusty Grills: HB-1137 (Tennessee Emergency Management Agency) — Prohibits the state, a political subdivision or a public official from prohibiting or imposing additional restrictions on the lawful operations of a church or religious organization during a state of emergency, major disaster or natural disaster; restricts a county health officer from issuing an order closing or limiting the operations of a church or religious organization. FFI. HB-1147 (employees, employers) — Prohibits an employer from requiring an employee to receive an immunization or vaccination for COVID-19 against the will of the employee as a condition of maintaining employment; prohibits the employer from taking adverse action against an employee refusing such immunization or vaccination. FFI. • From Rep. William Lamberth: HB-0782 (textbooks) — Prohibits the state Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission, state board of education and public schools of this state from recommending, approving or using textbooks and instructional materials and supplemental instructional materials created to align with the Common Core state standards. PFC. HB-0786 (firearms and ammunition) — Creates an exception to the offense of unlawful carrying of a firearm, if a person meets the qualifications for an enhanced handgun carry permit, lawfully possesses a handgun and is in a place that the person has a right to be; revises other firearm statutes. PFC. More examples of good

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