I am tired of recounting the many lies of masks and surges, with many false reports of test results; lies of endemic police racist violence; taking down monuments to rewrite history; governors thinking they are running a police state; lies of the coronavirus dangers; lies from Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

I don’t know why anybody is still listening to Fauci, especially after Newsweek’s April 28 article exposing him as instrumental in creating this “pandemic.” It shows that this goes back into the Obama Administration.

Fauci — through his organizations, the National Institute of Health and NIAID — paid more than 7 million of our tax dollars to the Chinese Communist Wuhan laboratory responsible for creating this coronavirus, knowing beforehand that a worldwide pandemic was the potential purpose!

The article does not say he paid to have it released, but why make such a bug if you had no intent to release it?

I don’t know why Fauci is still giving advice, rather than being in jail for mass murder and worldwide terrorism.

I am tired of all this fake news, and the attempts to cover up the truth, and all for a political agenda.

Let’s look at something on which the mass media is not reporting, something more positive.

President Donald Trump is still getting things done. Among them is the ongoing construction of the border barrier, with 245 miles completed, 332 miles under construction and 161 miles under pre-construction (738 miles total) as of July 13 (twitter.com/USBPChief).

Border barrier as a positive? That depends on how you look at it.

There have been many articles from the liberal view showing the mass suffering Trump has supposedly caused.

One such article relates the story of how the evil Trump policies has told a poor, migrant, pregnant woman to wait in Mexico.

The 28-year-old woman, eight-and-a-half months pregnant, from El Salvador, in September was waiting in Mexico for her November court date, accompanied by her 3-year-old daughter.

She was so worried about birthing her child in a Mexican shelter — such an evil thing Trump has done to her.

The article also mentioned unnamed reports that abound of migrants being attacked or even kidnapped; how Mexican shelters are being overcrowded and not providing regular meals, adequate clean water or medical care.

And of course, this is all Trump’s fault. Mexico has no blame in the matter. My question is, why not? Why does Mexico get a free pass for what happens to “migrants” in their country?

Why, according to the liberal view, only the United States and Trump can shoulder any blame for what happens to foreigners, no matter where they are?

The article also related that she had crossed into the United States, was given medical attention and an immigration court date, then was returned to Mexico under the Trump Administration policy.

The liberal-view article views her as in a plight and at health risk under the “Remain in Mexico” program. But, what about Mexico? Where is its responsibility? These people have been wandering about in Mexico for weeks as they “migrate” north.

How did the United States become the worldwide — everybody’s and anybody’s — nurse, benefactor, maid, cook, butler and social director with no one else having any responsibility for themselves or the people in their country?

That, of course, is the liberal way of looking at it. Conservatives see things a little differently.

Conservatives love freedom. And we know that with freedom comes the responsibility for one’s self.

With the freedom to succeed is also the freedom to fail, all on your own, with no one else to blame.

These so called “migrants” made their own choice to leave their home, to march across foreign lands, to be confronted by anything you can imagine you could find on the roads and byways.

They took it upon themselves to make the trip; they should bear the responsibility for trouble they find along the way. No one made them leave home.

No one in the United States has demanded they come here. So the only one who can be at fault for their trouble is the person who chose the risk. Why should we want them to come in?

Suppose some stranger walks up to your door, pounds on it ’til you open or he breaks it down, and in he comes, uninvited, demanding your best room for himself, demanding you feed him your best steak, demanding you pay for new clothes and medical aid for him and his family, who, by the way, will be coming soon.

What would you do?

Liberals would have you say, “Oh, you poor unfortunate person. Come on in and eat all you can hold. I’ll draw you a bath, and new clothes will be waiting.” That is what they might say, but liberals won’t open their home to strangers.

Lets get real. You’d probably meet him at the door with a gun and march him off your property, or call the police so they could do the same. And that is what liberals would do, too.

My big question for these “migrants” (invaders is what they are): Why are you coming here? What’s wrong at home that you are willing to risk your life and the lives of your family for merely the chance to get into the United States?

Their answers would include poverty, no freedom, crime in the streets, corruption in government, police and military acting more like criminal gangs rather than preserving the law, versus freedom, prosperity, safe streets, government police and military responsive to public demands.

But what do they do when they get here? They breed crime in their own neighborhoods, bringing gang lords with them, and mistrust our police so as not to cooperate with them to re-establish law and order.

They may want our freedom and prosperity over what they had in their homelands, but they bring their old thinking with them.

If they lived in a socialist country, they support the move to socialism here.

If they lived among criminal street gangs, or police that act that way, they bring those thoughts with them and expect bribery and payoffs to be our ways, too.

So if they get into trouble, they won’t report crimes, or come forward as witnesses, because they don’t trust our police. This supports crime in our streets when they bring that kind of thinking here.

I don’t like that idea, as it remakes America into the disaster they were fleeing. If foreigners want to come here, they should be wanting to be like us, and live like we live, not changing us, but us changing them.

All of us need to learn how freedom can only exist among honorable, law-abiding people — making the way for all to become prosperous.

This is not what you typically see in other parts of the world with their way of life.


TO BE  continued next week.


PAUL FROWNFELTER of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is paul4of6@yahoo.com.

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