Well, it seems our great leader has screwed up again. He’s making threats and promises. He’s writing checks he can’t cash.

Wait, did you think I’m talking about President Donald Trump and his Ukraine blackmail? No, no, no, no, no.

I’m talking about our esteemed State Rep. Bruce Griffey, who threatened our newly elected state governor!

Let me first and foremost say, I am not going to tell all of you who voted for Griffey, “I told you so.”

I’m not doing it. I’m not saying it. I mean, after all, even I could not predict this insanity with Gov. Bill Lee.

After all, what freshman representative threatens the governor of their state and the leader of their own party?

It’s like a high school debate team freshman challenging the senior class defensive lineman to an arm-wrestling contest!

Lee, more than likely, will be our governor for eight years. How are we going to get anything done?

This is now a Republican state. And now, thanks to Griffey, the communities of Henry, Stewart and Benton counties are now in isolated states.

Look, we all knew he’d submit a bunch of bills with no chance of passing. He did that. His fellow legislators all laughed at him.

And so now, after failing as a legislator, he needs to what? Get his wife, Rebecca, a better paying job? Get her some more power? Is there a per diem? Are there more perks?

What about getting our lake/fishing/tourism-driven communities help with this Asian Carp problem?

What about getting our meth/opioid-addicted populations help with this major local crisis?

What about making sure our local agencies, like our sheriff’s departments, get the support they need from Nashville?

What about making sure the road projects, funded by TDOT, don’t get kicked eight years down the road?

What is going on with Bruce and Becky? What kind of delusion of grandeur do these two have? What ambition is behind all this?

Or do they simply need the money?

The reason she didn’t get past the judicial review board, and hence didn’t even have a shot at the job, is that three years ago, they had back taxes of almost a quarter million dollars.

Guess what? You don’t need a judge with money problems!

But it’s in print. It’s a fact. It was reported last week by The Tennessee Journal. This is a statewide “insiders newsletter” started by the late M. Lee Smith.

It’s sent out to everyone with interest in what’s happening in our state’s government, politics and business.

It was the lead story!

It documents all of the ridiculous, gory, stupid details. So, so, so dumb. And so, so, so embarrassing for all of us.

But wait. In fairness, we should explore the genius’ response to this train wreck.

What does he say? Only that the others aren’t Republican enough.

Have you asked yourself that question today? Are you Republican enough for Bruce and Becky?

Is your spouse Republican enough for Bruce and Becky? Are your family and friends Republican enough for Bruce and Becky?

Let’s take a quiz to help you decide.

Did you ever vote for a Democratic candidate before 2010?

Yes? You fail!

Yep, that’s what Griffey told the Governor. That’s his disqualifier. It’s documented.

Heck, I bet Gov. Lee isn’t Republican enough for Griffey. I wonder who is?

Look, I like that Loose Bruce shoots from the hip. I mean, he can’t hit the broad side of a barn, but he definitely fires, with no aim in sight.

It makes for great comedy. And not just big laughs from me. Nope, all his fellow lawmakers laugh at him.

All three counties’ community leaders laugh at him. All his fellow Republicans laugh at him. And now the governor of our state is laughing at him.

Comedy is awesome. But it doesn’t make good government. And it doesn’t get anything done.


DAN JACKSON is a self-employed Paris businessman. His email address is danjackson@alittleoff.net.

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