There is a lot of hype and hysteria concerning the COVID-19/Wuhan coronavirus.

The Surgeon General has told us that the best defense against it is washing your hands. Many want to tell you that his advice is somehow insufficient or short-sighted.

I was a nurse for many years, so I have learned a lot about the tools of the medical establishment. However, I have not limited my study to that.

If you are sick, see your doctor. Preventing illness is primarily your own responsibility.

That said, there is much more to your health than what you could expect to obtain from doctors, nurses, pharmaceuticals, or hospitals.

Doctors can be slow to accept “new” truths. One of my favorite books points this out with the subject of hand-washing: None of These Diseases by S.I. McMillen, M.D. (published 1963, Fleming Revell Co.).

In it, among many other things, Dr. McMillen relates the story of Ignaz Semmelweis, a young doctor in 1840s Vienna, employed in a famous teaching hospital, Allegemeine Krakenhaus.

When he began, the death rate of maternity patients was similar to most hospitals anywhere in the world — one of every six women died while under the care of doctors while in these hospitals.

Over his first three years, Dr. Semmelweis noted that the women most at risk were those who were examined by the doctors and students. With this came the idea of hand-washing. 

Semmelweis could only implement hand-washing in his ward; and the death rate there quickly went down to less than one woman out of 84 patients, while the other wards kept their death rate of one out of six.

The evidence was plain, yet it was the other doctors who complained and ridiculed Semmelweis and the practice of washing, until the hospital would not renew his contract.

His replacement threw out the wash pans, and the death rate went back up with it.

Semmelweis then obtained a position in a hospital in Budapest ,where he again implemented the practice of hand-washing; and with it, the death rate was again dramatically reduced.

And, again, the other doctors complained and ridiculed the washing washing washing.

The death rates for surgeries was worse, nearing 100%. Surgery was almost a sure death sentence. And this continued for another thirty years, before antiseptic washing of hands and instruments began to be accepted.

Doctors would not accept the truth! They needed to see these “invisible” bugs before they could believe. With the invention of the microscope came the proof they needed.

Still, it was not until the 1960s before you could say that sterilization of hands and instruments was becoming universally accepted by doctors, more than 100 years after Semmelweis offered the statistical evidence, before it became accepted as truth.

Yet, this was some 3,500 years late.

McMillen took the name for his book from the Bible, Ex. 15:26. God made the promise that if Israel would obey His instructions, they would have “none of these diseases.” And among His instructions was that of washing hands and clothing after touching something infectious (“unclean” in the King James translation).

Was this for real? Yes!

McMillen also supplies this nugget: In the “Black Death” in Europe, the people noticed that the Jews were much less afflicted by the plague. Hysteria, rather than fact, took their minds to accuse the Jews of causing the plague.

The “Church,” however, took the initiative of promoting the biblical instructions that the Jews were already following, and, sure enough, obeying the biblical instructions put an end to the plague.

The Bible tells us that God does not speak empty, meaningless words. God speaks with purpose and truth.

Many of God’s instructions are part of the health and safety policies we have today.

Along with washing of hands is the use of banisters, not to eat meat fats, not to be drunken, quarantine for infectious diseases, burying your feces, etc.

God gave these instructions to Moses some 3,500 years ago, but we failed to obey until modern times; and that, not because we believed God, but because modern science has proven the benefits for us.

God’s instructions were true when He gave them to Moses, and now we have the proof of that truth. For example, burying our feces ended the periodic plagues of typhoid fever.

That is, until California allowed homeless/tent settlements where they are now suffering from typhoid fever, because they don’t have the facilities for sanitary sewer/septic systems; and they are not burying their feces; so they are suffering the consequences of violating the truth.

Back to the hand-washing. Viruses and germs don’t fly, they hitchhike (sneezing and coughing excepted).

When you touch anything that has come in contact with viruses or germs, you have come in contact with them as well.

If you then touch your face — especially your nose, eyes and mouth — you have given the viruses and germs an open door into your body.

Had you thoroughly washed your hands before touching your face, you would have removed those infectious diseases, and protected yourself from those diseases, just as the Bible says.

The Surgeon General is right. Washing your hands is your best defense against getting sick.

Anyone who is sick can help protect your friends and neighbors by staying home and not spreading your illness through your workplace, church, shopping center, restaurant or school — similar to the Bible instructions of quarantine.

Dry hands from so much washing? Put olive, coconut or other plant-based oil on them. Oils are naturally antimicrobial, and soothing for dry or irritated skin.

If you get sick, you might be interested in Dr. Frederick Klenner’s research (see

In his 1952 paper, Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., stated, “… If high blood and tissue levels of ascorbic acid are continuously maintained, an extremely unfavorable environment for viral growth and reproduction is created in the human body.”

What he said was that high vitamin C intake and absorption stops viral diseases in their tracks!

Klenner also noted that vitamin C ends many bacterial diseases, as well. The experiments reviewed at the link above had the highest doses of 40,000 mg per day (partly intravenously) — and below 1,000 mg per day had marginal effectiveness.

Here we are already 68 years after Klenner’s research, and other doctors have not accepted this truth.

Klenner has given us scientific laboratory quality research, done with proven results for vitamin C as an effective treatment against diseases.

But you will find it difficult to find a doctor who will prescribe vitamin C to his patients. Why? The only reason I can think of is: Not enough profits.

Vitamin C is very cheap compared to what they will be charging you for their pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

So, it is up to you to protect yourself from the hype, hysteria and contagion.

Now, go wash your hands.


ALICE BARNES of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. Her email address is

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