Raina Fisher

Through the Looking Glass

Our rights bestowed to us as a divine gift from the Creator isn’t a mere old adage to morph from the quill and inkwell of our founding fathers. It’s a tip of the hat to the breadth of their foresight. They had the providence to pen this inalienable promise as a fail-safe to shield us from the evils which lurk in the heart of those who strive for power. 

There is a mystical element which transcends the cycle of time. As though they had a portal to gaze through to foretell the reign of vigilante justice and mob rule. A band of bandits slip in unawares to grab the gavel and adjudicate the guilty from afar. In the main we opt not to rock the boat. Nor do we let the scales slough off our eyes. Thus, they copy, paste, or shred the text. And then say what due process. 

The Mafia Boss hatches a ruse to cull the evidence which might implicate him. His tack is part and parcel a hands-on op — just sic Richard “Ice Man” Kuklinski on the stool pigeon and stick the fink in a freezer. The craven extremist is keen to inject a dose of terror to cement the correct verdict. He severs a pig head to toss on the doorstep and splatters blood on the abode where he thinks the witness dwells. Alas, his intel is as shoddy as the sources who leak to CNN. 

By and large, there is little daylight between the insurgent and a rogue cop. Both of them hold tight to the rites and rituals of street justice. The former is a bane who wields the threat of fire and brimstone while the latter is a scourge to the system and a curse to the force writ large. The spectacle of their archaic scare tactics in tandem with his excessive abuse of police power drum up revolt. 

It’s a colossal error and lapse in judgement for a legislator to foment strife and pour salt in the wound. And yet here comes Maxine Waters drifting in on their turf to hoist the picket and hale the crowd. It takes some nerve for her to stoke the flames all the while she brings an entourage of police to protect her lest the blaze gets too hot. There’s no need for her to fret. All she has to do is hop on the next rail back to her neck of the woods. 

It’s one of the many cities that may not ever mend from the fallout. But Ilhan Omar can deal with the aftermath of her own haunt. In the wake of this apocalyptic ruin are the arsons who saunter in to set the town ablaze, and then they bail. It isn’t from the wrath of Mother Nature when she rages as a wildfire. Public scorn is bound to grow as they brave the nightmare of these riots.

If the jurors peek out the window to bear witness to the horror unfolding and fear retribution for the outcome, then that’s tantamount to tampering with the scales of justice. As the court proceedings wrap up in the Chauvin trial, his counsel, Eric Nelson, motions to augment the record with excerpts from the pervasive press reports. 

It will chronicle the melee of unrest as well as quotes which warn of vengeance. Judge Cahill grants his request and concedes: “I’ll give you that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned (Kelly, 2021).” 

He is aware of her rally cry for confrontation if they didn’t come back with a murder conviction and admonishes her estimation on this as the sole upshot to accept. He throws down the gauntlet and berates the heads who rant and rave on the merits of this case in a way which attacks the dignity of the judiciary. 

They ought to broach sentiments in a mien which will bolster their pledge to the Constitution. But their incessant invective is a stain to the rule of law.

To be in breach to the bench is to infringe on the court as a coequal branch of government, which is a spurn to our separation of power. He finds their conduct “abhorrent.” 

He winnows the spate of news and deigns no pernicious threat to prejudice the jury or poison the integrity of the trial. He cleaves to his trust in the jurors to adhere to his edict. At the same time, for him to adjourn after closing arguments seems unwise in the shadow of so much bedlam and barbarity. Be that as it may, he’d let fate hold the reins. For him to dilly-dally and not sequester them is a head scratcher.

The president chimes in with his take on what the verdict ought to be when the judge does isolate them to deliberate. At any rate, the defense is apt to attach his two cents to the appeal to press home the point that even the Oval Office occupant could not wait to weigh in. 

They teeter on the edge of a jagged cliff yet feign shock at the gore when they take a fatal step and lurch too far. The winds shift and gain steam sailing down the corridor to crash on the isle of anguish and doom. What whim made it worth the trade to chart that course? When the glow of the last ember fades to ash and the smoke clears will amnesia set in? 

Or will they flinch and fall on their sword? In other words, if this victory for justice turns out to be a defeat, then they can all take a long hard look in the mirror to see who is to blame. A true leader doesn’t sit in a seat of influence to rile and rouse the masses. 


RAINA FISHER is a child activist, writer and psychologist writing a memoir on parental alienation. She lives on County Home Road near Paris; her email address is rainafisher@hotmail.com.

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