Raina Fisher

Through the Looking Glass

Anchors usher in the expert echo chamber to drone on pace with the script as it scrolls on the unseen teleprompter. We brace as the hot air bellows from the puppets and pawns.

A barrage balloon of idiocy streams in from the skewed-news networks to toll the ear drum of the unlucky souls in close range.

Now this is a sidewalk scream that’d make a passel of pigeons bolt from the scene.

We expect the vassal mouthpieces to pander to the elite liege.

Be that as it may, it’d irk me to hear the craven mental health mavens pepper the public with a montage on the flaws and false frailty of the former commander in chief. It’s libel that betrays ethical norms.

As unseemly as it is for the pundits to point to signs and symptoms from afar, for them to diagnose a stranger on the nightly news is a breach of their oath. There are legal ramifications for docs who blab and violate confidentiality.

To defame or asperse a popular figure in the town square can trigger a ripple effect. The wound of cruel rhetoric segues to malign and marginalize a segment in dire need of care.

This savage form of exile drives sufferers to the brink of darkness. The stigma of mental illness is a life-or-death matter. To writhe in the shadows is to die in the dark.

The critics had a bone to pick with the hue and cry from these dregs.

And yet the same night-time opinion jockey to wag his finger at them will turn to focus a lens on a myriad of missteps from the current oval office occupant.

At this angle, the blur from the glare is there to manipulate the masses.

Why, pray tell ,should we give our allies and enemies a front-row seat to his blunders? The ridicule of him reflects on us.

And to be candid, it is a cheap shot. Will we ball a fist to blacken our eye and then mull the shiner?

The foes tip the domino to banish the U.S. president; but as they do, the elders in the nation take a tumble. Bring to the fore the last time you had a lapse.

The name lingers on the edge to taunt us, the word to slip our mind, we forget and tell the same story, or we might console the friend as she blushes — the lightbulb flashes when father time gains traction and we lose steam.

The hostile tirade from the Fourth Estate bores a hole in the enclave of our psyche. The angry rant shepherds with derange and unhinge and raps with frail and feeble.

To take a laissez-faire stance to the dog whistle is for us to let the culprit off the hook. For them to lash out with “grandpa” or “president sippy-cup” is a new low.

We ought to debate the policy; put a foot down and ditch the smears.

The paparazzi and press go hand-in-glove like a stalker and partner in crime.

The BBC would cast out a net to lure Princess Diana in through fear. Martin Bashir feigns deep regret, yet at the same time, he swears the swindle had no sway on her choice to talk.

Britney Spears embodies the long-term effects of child exploitation. The abusers levy her own children as a bargain chip to keep her in line.

The IUD to prevent pregnancy is eerily reminiscent of forced sterilization. She is competent to forgo control of her life, but not to hire a lawyer — the dollar signs strip worth from her.

Funds for outpatient treatment must meet the demand. And we ought to draw a line in the sand on the quality of in-patient care.

The wage to work part-time with those who have a mental disability is $8 an hour. Or you can sort fish and earn four times as much. This underscores the value we place on the vulnerable.

It’s a portrait of cruelty to abuse and mistreat the elderly or disabled. But the scandal is when their haven is the scene of the crime.

At first blush, we might laud Ronda Rousey for her philanthropy. While she may pave the road with good intentions, at the end of the day, the staff will drive her venture to the ground.

A family friend has a sinister tale to tell from the Rousey House halls. Though truth be told, she sounds more like a hostage than a resident.

First and foremost, touch ignites her panic and paranoia. A hug is inappropriate. It violates her boundary and sends a jolt of dread to her sense receptors to worsen the trauma.

In her mind, she’s a guinea pig for them to test psychotropic medicines on. The House doesn’t segregate the violent or severely mentally handicapped from others.

Nor do they have a nurse on site 24 hours a day. The transport to her appointments was spotty at best.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) might be there to help, if not for the workers trying to dissuade contact.

They lock up her cell phone and give her two 10-minute calls a day — they monitor her closer than a prison guard. To be sure, a prisoner has more privileges.

She was an honor student at Bethel. Now she is unable to live on her own. She’d age 20 years in less than one. I could pass her on the street and not recognize her face.

The “caregivers” promote a state to rely on them and on the system. Just as a poacher snatches the Macaw out of the nest,in no time the captive will be none the wiser to the cage.

It might be a bit harsh to equate a lack of training with corruption. And yet by the same token, we can gauge the degree of ineptitude with a mere glimpse if we opt not to turn a blind eye.


RAINA FISHER is a child activist, writer and psychologist writing a memoir on parental alienation. She lives on County Home Road near Paris; her email address is rainafisher@hotmail.com.

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