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In light of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said President Donald Trump could begin construction of his border wall using the $2.3 billion he took from the military after Congress exercised their power of the purse under the U.S. Constitution and refused to give it to him, a few hundred words about the wall.

Among the non-racist reasons Trump gives for building a wall on our southern border with Mexico is to stop the flow of illegal drugs that are bought into the country by undocumented migrants.

One of the things Trump and his supine, spineless, sycophantic supporters always fail to mention when they talk about how illegal drugs come into the country is that 97% of all illegal drugs that enter the country come through legal ports of entry.

Maybe that’s why we haven’t heard much from Trump and his minions about the three large shipments of cocaine that Custom and Border agents have intercepted at the ports of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia this year.

The largest one was discovered aboard the Gayane, a Liberian-registered freighter that docked in June at the Port of Philadelphia.

In its cargo hold, officials found 40,000 tons of cocaine with an estimated street value of $1.3 billion.

The MSC Gayane had traveled from Chile to Peru, from there to Panama and the Bahamas before docking in Philadelphia. It was headed to the Netherlands next.

Online ship trackers said the vessel detained in Philadelphia sails under the flag of Liberia and arrived in Philadelphia after 5 a.m. on June 17.

The ship’s previous ports of call were the Bahamas on June 13, Panama on June 9, Peru on May 24 and Colombia on May 19, records show.

Several members of the crew told authorities that twice while they were off the coast of South America, 14 boats approached and transferred the cocaine to their ship.

Two members of the crew, second mate Ivan Durasevic and Enofaavae Tiasage, were charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine aboard a ship.

I’m no linguistic anthropologist, but neither of those names sound Hispanic. 

In a March bust at the same Philadelphia port, drug dogs sniffed out 1,185 pounds of cocaine worth about $38 million.

In February, customs agents seized 3,200 pounds (1,451 kilograms) at the Port of New York and New Jersey with a street value estimated at $77 million, the largest cocaine bust at the ports since 1994.

None of the people from those ships who were questioned or detained by the feds had surnames that sounded or appeared to be Hispanic in origin.

Here’s a bone for the Trumpeters still reading this: No one from any of the ships tried to enter the country illegally or claim asylum.

Speaking of racist, attacking the four black and brown congresswomen a couple weeks ago wasn’t enough for our current bigot in chief occupying the White House.

Last weekend, he aimed his racist tweets on Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, who just happens to be the chairman of the House Oversight Committee that has taken the Trump administration to task on several fronts.

Apparently, what set Trump off was Cummings’ recent tongue-lashing of acting Homeland Security chief Kevin McAleenan over the treatment of migrants on the Southern border.

In case you didn’t see them, this is what the alleged leader of the nation said about an American city:

“Rep, Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men and women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA.”

“As proven last week during a Congressional tour, the Border is clean, efficient & well run, just very crowded. Cumming[s’] District is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place.”

“Why is so much money sent to the Elijah Cummings district when it is considered the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States. No human being would want to live there. Where is all this money going? How much is stolen. Investigate this corrupt mess immediately!”

This was not the first time Trump called a city represented by a black man in this fashion.

In response to some criticism from civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, Trump said that his Atlanta district was in horrible shape, falling apart and crime infested.

He ended that tweet by adding that Lewis had done nothing to make it or America better.

Taking the high road, Cummings responded to Trump with a tweet of his own:

“Mr. President, I go home to my district daily. Each morning, I wake up, and I go and fight for my neighbors.

“It is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch. But it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents.”

As much as it pains me to say, despite the meanness of his tweet, Trump might know what he’s talking about when he says that places in Baltimore are rat infested.

Properties he owned there in the 1980s were flagged sited several for having rodent issues.

The same is true for property owned by do-it-all White House senior advisor and Trump’s son-in-law, Jarrod Kushner.

I just hope someone in his circle reminds him of a few of the places located in Cummings’ district, notable landmarks like Johns Hopkins Hospital; the U.S. Social Security Administration;

The Inner Harbor or Fort McHenry, where Francis Scott Key penned our National Anthem; and Camden Yards, where the Orioles play.

Question for Trump supporters who still believe they and Der Leader aren’t racist:

Why does Trump only use words like these to describe districts represented by his black critics?


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TONY KENDALL of Hazel is a writer, teacher, actor, playwright and sports fanatic. He can be reached by email at

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