The fraudulent president of the United States, Joe Biden, has issued more than 40 (at this writing) executive orders (EOs) after less than two weeks in office.

Let’s not forget that, as a candidate, the hypocritical China Joe Biden attempted to paint President Donald Trump as a dictator for his far-less-extensive use of EOs.

Hypocrisy is pretty much a requirement to be an elected Democrat, so that’s not surprising; ditto for RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

One example of this hypocrisy would be how the Democrat leadership has either ignored or, in many cases, defended the burning, looting and murder crowd (BLM) and their partners in left-wing destruction, Antifa, for the last year, while making the events of Jan. 6 at the Capitol on par with the storming of the Bastille.

In fact, Vice President Kamala Harris has praised BLM “as brilliant and essential,” ignoring the racist, violent and destructive actions of BLM, two of whose founders are admitted Marxists.

But we are supposed to believe that all Trump supporters, especially those at the capitol, are terrorists and that all of the unarmed people at the rally were attempting to overthrow the government. To believe that, you would have to be a moron or a Democrat or a RINO.

Not to minimize the loss of life, but, oh wait, the federal government already has done that by not charging the still unidentified capitol police officer/federal agent for shooting and killing an unarmed Trump supporter.

Reports of the death of a Capitol police officer from a head injury have been contradicted by the family. So while a tragedy, the actual cause of death or the identity of the suspect are unknown and could have been one of the Antifa goons known to have infiltrated the crowd.

Now back to the issue of the Fraudulent One’s EOs (the current list as of this writing accompanies this column), many of which are in direct violation of current law/standing court decisions.

While it’s true some of these EOs are reversals of Trump’s EOs over four years, at least Trump did attempt to pass much of his agenda through legislation. Biden is not even trying!

So what do we do now that we have an American president who really does think he’s a king and apparently doesn’t need to actually work with Congress to pass laws?

And what do we do now that it is obvious that not only was this election stolen, but also we have no reason to believe the next one will be honest, either?

The Left has made it obvious that they are out to destroy not only Trump, but also all of his supporters, which is at least half the country.

The only remedy for Biden’s abuse of power is nullification, whether formally declared or just done by the state’s ignoring his EOs.

Don’t say it can’t be done. States already have nullified federal law by harboring illegal aliens, ignoring federal drug laws and violating election laws.

States with GOP legislatures should nullify every Biden EO that clearly usurps their power. Mask mandates and Creepy Joe’s transgender EO are two that come to mind right away.

Decrees that will cost millions of Americans their jobs, freedoms and even their lives also should be nullified.

Nullification is the only non-violent tool left for dealing with the federal government. Any elected official at the state level who refuses to do so is complicit and has a Nuremberg mentality.

We need our state to nullify D.C. Any elected legislator unwilling to do so should be fired in ’22.


DAVE VANCE of Stewart County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is

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