BBN? No, contrary to what the folks in the Bluegrass State believe, these three letters do not stand for Big Blue Nation. This acronym/initialism stands for Ballot Box in November.

Please remember the liberal vision of America that fills our television screens each and every night. We watch unchecked rioting, looting, robbing, burning, destroying businesses and statues.

This concept has failed so miserably. The party who “owns” it has desperately fabricated a host of obscure excuses and explanations.

Now these political pundits want to blame our 17th century settlers, statues, monuments and, of course, the police.

The ever-important presidential election is looming just around the corner. Here is a list to help you differentiate between both factions seeking to govern us/United States.

See if you can identify the differences between the parties:

• The divine source of human rights — Party 1: Government. Party 2: God.

• Economic plan for America — Party 1: Taxes, taxes and taxes. Party 2: Prosperity derived from easing government regulations and restrictions.

• The role of government — Party 1: Massive government involved in our everyday life. Party 2: Small yet manageable, but not intrusive.

• Definition of family value — Party 1: Any and every group of people who profess to care for each other. Party 2: A married man and woman (Matt. 19: 4-5).

• What makes up the Holy Trinity? Party 1: Gender, progressive political party and race. Party 2: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

• Concept of good and evil — Party 1: Situation ethics and political correctness. Party 2: James: 1:27.

• The keys to having a good society — Party 1: Eridicate inequity. Party 2: Develop and nurture a strong moral character and return to teaching “The 3 Rs.”

• View of our America — Party 1: Terribly flawed and inferior to any number of other nations. Party 2: Our nation isn’t perfect, but it is the strongest force for good in the world.

• Definition of gender — Party 1: A, B, C, any garden variety will suffice. Party 2: A man and a woman.

• What is the most important lesson to teach our kids? Party 1: Let the government do it for you/play the system. Party 2: Belief in God, hard work, truthfulness (John 1:1).

• Greatest threat to our world — Party 1: Global warming. Party 2: Terrorism and internal radical politics.

• International idealism — Party 1: No single nation as a world leader. Party 2: Make America great again.

• Reason for unrest in the Middle East: Party 1: Israel. Party 2: The Palestinians, Arabs and radical Muslims.

• Guns — Party 1: Unequivocally ban all firearms except military and police; but wait, this group of political pundits plans to defund our police departments — henceforth, no police equals no guns. Party 2: The Second Amendment allows us to protect our families. (Should all the police departments be abolished?)

• War — Party 1: No war, just Kumbaya. (Did President Barack Obama draw a line in the sand? Does anyone remember Hillary Clinton and Benghazi?) Party 2: Sometimes war is the only solution. (Does anyone remember FDR or Harry Truman?)

Has this column been teetering on the invisible borderline of absurdity? Maybe.

Are some of the ideas recently foisted by a well-known political party bordering on absurdity? Maybe.

DAN PATTERSON, who’s retired from the Paris Parks and Recreation Department, grew up near the state line and now lives in Paris. He can be reached by email at

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