This is a continuation from last week of an open letter to U.S. Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi:

You are not starting an impeachment investigation. You are continuing an obstructionist agenda against Trump — trying to undermine his administration; trying to scandalize Trump — for the purposes of your agendas. I just hope the U.S. citizens see through your agenda and put an end to it at the ballot box.

What about misuse of your office, Pelosi? Is this agenda a conspiracy to scandalize Trump in the eyes of American voters? Are you using your office, trying to affect the 2020 election? Are you trying to undermine your opposition party’s candidate for the 2020 presidential election?

You took the oath of office; you have taken the government’s pay; and you are now seated in a government office to do the business of the people.

You know that this impeachment inquiry will go nowhere for many reasons, not the least of which is that your accusations are unfounded.

It takes the whole House of Representatives, not just one congressman, or committee, to start an impeachment inquiry. And you know full well that impeachment hearings are done in the Senate.

And you know the current Senate has a Republican majority — a majority that would only bring impeachment proceedings for a real crime, not these endless witch hunts.

Are you doing a disservice of your office — taking pay to do the business of the people while not doing what you are being paid to do — and are using the power of your office to undermine a legitimate president?

Are you misusing your office to promote the liberal political agenda of the Democratic Party against your opposition party?

Are you involved in collusion with your fellow travelers to continually harass Trump into some kind of futility in his office, as well as Congress, ’til you can get the political make-up that fits your agenda?

If you were doing the business of the people, rather than wasting your time on Trump witch hunts, you could be bringing legislation forward on many subjects.

If you would actually listen to the border security agents, you would find that there really is a security problem on our southern border; and that the border security agents are overwhelmingly in favor of building a border wall.

Trump is getting this wall built while Congress sits idly by. For two years, the Republican Congress did nothing about it. You could have been the one to lead the House to bring security to our southern border. But you have not.

You could still lead the House to pass legislation for Mexico to reimburse our costs for the wall and all the humanitarian aid we have provided to their people. But I think you won’t, just like the do-nothing Republicans. And you won’t get together with them on the subject of those who were illegally brought into our country as minors and are now adults.

One thing the Republican Congress did do was to pass an outrageous spending bill.

You could be the one to lead Congress toward financial restraint, and start reducing the national debt, by eliminating the many “pork barrel” excess-spending projects that are routinely in the budget.

Tell them to stop spending what we do not have. But, again, I think you won’t. Maybe you could be the one to end the scourge of abortion by defining the baby in the womb as a person, thereby securing their constitutionally protected rights, including the Fourth Amendment, so that their lives can’t be ended without due process of law.

It is not a choice, it is a person! But again, I think you won’t, because these do not fit with your liberal agendas.

So, as you continue your obstruction and diversion agenda rather than doing something constructive with your office — all while taking pay for work you are not doing — maybe someone should consider that Pelosi is not above the law and start an investigation into your conversations, emails, friends, contacts, bank accounts, etc.

So, just who is above the law? Apparently, the establishment politicians who flout the laws, knowing their party fellows won’t enforce the laws.

If we hope to truly remain a nation governed by the rule of law, the people, the voters, will have to act!


PAUL FROWNFELTER of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is

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