Dan Patterson

I borrowed that headline from an old “tried and true” quote from someone else.

This is not the first time I have ever so gently plagiarized another “nickel-a-line wanna-be writer.” I seriously doubt it will be the last.

That brief, so true, sentence was penned by Eric Arthur Blair, better known as George Orwell.

Why can’t a fairly intelligent group of people sit down and have a civil conversation? What does it take for people who share different points of view to engage in a reasonable conversation?

Our leaders insist on being argumentative, divided along party lines for the sake of a vote.

Both sides of the aisle seem more intent on finding fault with each other rather than uniting to fix a problem which might help our nation.

Many contributing factors hinder the ability of Congress to move past their dreaded gridlock, which has crippled their ability to accomplish much of anything.

Our beloved national media has provided the fuel to fan the flames of rioting and looting.

Both parties have members with sore fingers — from pointing across the aisle at the opposition. They’re the opposition? Instead of opposing and battling with one another, why not unite?

Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Patrick Henry all quoted the Greek philosopher Aesop.

In his classic fable, “The Four Oxen and The Lion” an enduring epigram was coined, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

One party attempting to out-shout the other is not going to accomplish anything. Dialogue has become a lost art in our world today.

Sadly, common-sense rules of engagement have been knocked off the table and hastily swept under the carpet of political greed, the lust for power and ambition.

In these perilous times, people only want to hear what they agree with. Labeling people with names is wrong.

A person participating in a peaceful protest is not necessarily a Democrat. A person who wears an NRA cap is not necessarily a Republican or a racist.

I do not know very many folks who can look into another person’s heart, mind or soul, and determine if he or she is a racist.

However, we are blessed with a highly intelligent bunch of people who read the national news on the television screens of America.

These progressive political pundits are clairvoyant and are capable of looking into the mind of someone and know exactly what they are thinking.

Many of the left-leaning networks have reporters who can read minds, as well as a diviner can read a witching rod.

Both of our primary political parties are well-schooled in the clever craft of constant political propaganda.

Adolph Hitler was as intelligent as he was evil. He was able to convince millions of people that paradise was actually hell and hell was actually paradise.

There is but one God. He had but one Son. He died for all men. All souls and all lives matter to God (John 3:16).


DAN PATTERSON, who’s retired from the Paris Parks and Recreation Department, grew up near the state line and now lives in Paris. He can be reached by email at jdanpat@yahoo.com.

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