Over the years of teaching, I would say one thing that has struck me the most has been parents who talk about their children in negative ways to their teacher.

The fact is that children typically act differently at school than at home, to some degree. In fact, if you think about it, we all act differently in public than we do at home.

We understand that at home, we feel safe to relax our manners to a degree. Children are no different. However, children will rise to the expectations we set for them.

While I understand that children are not perfect, I also know they are not monsters. Parents, one of our most important jobs, after teaching them about our God, is to protect our children.

“To protect” means in all areas, including their reputation. When you tell a teacher what an awful child you have and lay all of their flaws at our feet, you are betraying your child.

We see children of your child’s age every day. We are very aware of behaviors that are prevalent at that age.

Imagine someone calling your boss and laying all your flaws and bad decisions in their lap. Could you do your best work?

They deserve the chance to show us who they are, to make the right decisions, and to grow and mature. They deserve you having their back and being on their side.

In our society, loyalty has gone out the window. We have been lied to so many times lately that trust seems to be going out with the tide.

We are being told that I can say whatever I feel like saying, and if anyone disagrees with me, I can attack and devour them and feel justified in doing so.

We have got to wake up and realize this is spilling over into our homes and onto our children. We have got to stop this runaway train and return to some civility.

If you think your children don’t hear and aren’t affected, I can tell you it comes out of their mouths and it worries them constantly.

We are raising a generation where the word “anxiety” is part of their vocabulary before the word “friend.”

When do we return to a place where children can relax and be kids, and the adults act like honorable, trustworthy, mature people?

I implore all of us to remember that this world is not our home, we are passing through on our way toward the Judgment Day. We will all answer for the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Our children are entrusted to us, and we will answer for how we protect and live in front of them.

We can fix this, but it will take us all fixing and working on ourselves and focusing on helping each other instead of getting our own way. We need to do better.


DONNA DAVIDSON is a local teacher, wife and mother who lives northeast of Paris. Her email address is donna.lylilo@gmail.com.

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