Hi, everyone. I’m back. Once again, I had some health problems.

This time, it was my having to have cataract surgery. My eyes are adjusting to clearer vision and new glasses.

The problem is, I’m not thrilled by what I’ve been seeing.

Political correctness has gone from being laughable, with people being “offended” at the drop of a hat, to now becoming a way of life, with statues and monuments being removed to wanting to rename things to something less offensive.

They are on the march and will not stop until the compass point “South” is changed to the less offensive “Non-Northern.”

Here is a partial listing of all the statues and memorials that have been removed, in the process of being removed or have been vandalized:

George Washington, Christopher Columbus, Jefferson Davis, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, King St. Louis IX, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Francis Scott Key, St. Junipero Serra;

Thomas Jefferson, Julius Caesar, King Robert Burce of Scotland, John C. Calhoun, Mahatma Gandhi, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Brigham Young, Robert E. Lee, the First Responders.

Also being targeted are college mascots, logos, buildings, yoga studios, Ten Commandment monuments, Christian crosses, headstones of Catholic clergy, World War I veterans;

The Splash Mountain Ride at Disney World, Eskimo Pies, Dungeons and Dragons, NASCAR, “Gone With The Wind,” The “OK” symbol and “Paw Patrol” (one of the cartoon animals is a police dog).

These are not the only targets. There are others going under the heading of “how can those possibly be offensive?”

They include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution, the monument honoring the all-black 54th Regiment from the movie “Glory,” the Holocaust Memorial and the monument honoring those who were killed in the Armenian Genocide.

The only good news is they are going to be renaming the Washington football team. The problem is they want us to go along with all the other stuff.

Both Tony Kendall and Dan Jackson have been cheering the news that the State of Mississippi will be changing its state flag to remove the Confederate battle flag from the corner.

They shouldn’t be cheering just yet. The legislature’s vote can still be reversed by a referendum of Mississippi voters. You can get the latest news on the website “LetMississippiVote.org.”

Mississippi isn’t the only state with a flag is based on the Confederacy.

Alabama, Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee have state flags based on the Battle Flag, while Georgia and North Carolina are based on the first Confederate flag, the Stars and Bars.

Stacey Abrams is going around saying she lost the race for governor of Georgia because of racism and voter suppression. No, she didn’t.

She lost the election because of the news footage of her burning a Georgia state flag in a protest.

Destroying the flag turned off enough voters to elect Republican Berry Kemp. (Didn’t they realize they were changing the flag from one Confederate design to another?)

In conclusion, Mr. Kendall closed his column of June 25 with a quote form Dr. Martin Luther King: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it ends toward justice.”

It wasn’t Dr. King who first said it. It was the Rev. Theodore Parker in 1853. He was abolitionist clergyman.

There will be more on these later on. In fact, I don’t believe we could get away from them if we tried.


MICHAEL SKAGGS lives at 185 McClains Road, Paris. His email address is michaelskaggs11@yahoo.com.

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