Dan Patterson

The real winner of the recent Democratic “Road to the White House” debate was President Donald Trump.

One of the ever-wise pundits on a news network that was not Fox defined their debate as a healthy dialogue concerning our true American values.

Another moderator chimed in, suggesting the debate surely showcased the best of moderate and progressive platforms regarding our role as the world leader.

Moderate Democrats are as scarce as a showroom full of 1954 Packard Clippers.

Now fast-forward to El Paso and Dayton. We are familiar with the two senseless murder binges that rocked those cities, along with our nation.

There was a manifesto found on-line from the El Paso shooter just prior to his deadly attack on the unsuspecting shoppers in Walmart.

He claims to have been a White Supremacist supporter for many years, before Trump entered into the political arena.

He also states that Trump did not in any manner influence his reasons for committing this heinous act.

The gunman in Dayton describes himself as a pro-Satan left-winger who strongly supported Elizabeth Warren as the next president of the United States.

The Four Tops were my favorite Mo-Town group. Lead singer Levi Stubbs grew to manhood on the mean streets of Detroit. He was blessed with a powerful voice and a prolific range.

“It’s The Same Old Song” was their signature song. That is also the anthem of the Democratic faithful, but with different words.

Their modified version reeks with, “It’s President Trump’s fault, along with Fox News.”

Waylon Jennings was my favorite “Outlaw Country” singer. As a teenager, he grew up in the hard-scrabble dust bowl of West Texas.

He played in the honky tonks that provided a shady and cool sanctuary of relief to the wranglers, truckers and roughnecks.

Waylon and his rowdy friends toiled away their lives in the unforgiving wind and sun in and around Lubbock, Texas.

“Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” was one of his greatest songs. The first line in the tune reads, “Lord, it’s the same old song.” The fourth line laments, “It’s been the same way for years.”

So the same old political grievance group is preaching the same old excuses, explanations and demands. Their worn-out melody of open borders and healthcare for illegal immigrants is wearing thin.

One of my favorite presidents is Abraham Lincoln. By the way, “Honest” Abe became affiliated with the Republican Party in 1856.

Lincoln called for a “Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer” on March 30, 1863. The nation was rent asunder because of the Civil War.

He called his speech a sermon for America. He posed a question. Was America being punished for the numerous presumptuous sins which had engulfed the country?

He further stated that America had been the recipient of the choicest bounties of heaven. He cited the fact that America had grown numerically and monetarily, in stature and in power.

Once again, he pondered, have we forgotten the loving and gracious Hand which preserved, strengthened and enriched us?

Today, we sanctimoniously smite our chest and boast about our superior infinite wisdom, virtue and knowledge. Are we drunken on our own wine of self-sufficiency and superiority?

Are we too proud to utter a prayer to God Almighty? Should we humbly offer a prayer, asking for forgiveness, faith, wisdom, knowledge and clemency?


DAN PATTERSON, who’s retired from the Paris Parks and Recreation Department, grew up near the state line and now lives in Paris. He can be reached by email at jdanpat@yahoo.com.

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