Evidently, the regional designation “Dixie” has been added to the Left’s list of words that are to be expunged from the language.

As an example, according to recent headlines, the Dixie Brewing Company of New Orleans is rebranding in order to make itself more inclusive.

The “why” is fundamental to understanding why it is imperative for patriotic Southerners, as well as conservative Americans generally, to defend both the Confederate flag as well as the monuments that our ancestors erected to the generation of Southerners who went toe to toe with Progressivism between 1861-65.

Southerners remain the great enemy of Progressivism because of how we think, our notions, inclinations, opinions and beliefs, all based on our memory.

To finally defeat us, we must be made to see ourselves as they see us, and then be made to forget altogether.

The Left understands that in order to completely defeat a people, you must break their will. Converting them to your way of thinking is best, but failing that, you must control their memories, for that which cannot be remembered will have less impact on one’s actions.

The fight must be driven from the Southern character, leaving only sweet tea and a friendly disposition — and nothing inspires fight in the Southern man and woman like our battle flag or the echoes of that dreadful struggle.

In 2020, the radical Left has ripped off its sheep’s clothing and shown its true colors. It will not stop with the flag, our monuments or our words.

It is coming after every memory that stands in its way, and appeasement on any level will only embolden it.


MARK ATKINS of Paris is a Henry County native and the author of Women in Combat, Feminism Goes To War, available at Amazon.com. His email address is mcatkins1@gmail.com.

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