Last week, I said the majority should not deny the minority any rights that the majority enjoys, and the minority should not demand nor have more rights than the majority.

That seems like a very clear and simple declaration, and should be the motto of every nation, government and people who aspire to have complete equality among its citizenry.

But we are told now that everything happening in the country is based on race. Race and race alone defines our every action. Race and bigotry are the only factors controlling our every thought.

Race is used as an excuse for rioting in the streets. Race is used to bludgeon anyone who disagrees with the current definition of what’s racist. Race has become the focal point in this country.

It’s time politicians stop using race to advance their hollow ideas and programs that do not benefit anyone but their cronies.

It’s time the media stops hyperventilating over every incident where a minority is hurt, killed or otherwise injured.

What does all this mean? Here’s how I see it turning out. I am sure many will disagree with my assessment, which you have every right to, and I also have a right to speak my mind.

And the only way we’ll ever fix the race “problem” in this country is for us, the people, to sit down and openly discuss the issue. We have to take the discussion and lead away from politicians, the media and race-baiters.

In the last 60 years, I have seen how the politicians, media and race-baiters have taken our country down a very dangerous path.

They have at every opportunity driven wedges between the races and at every opportunity have pushed us apart with their divisiveness and unrelenting rhetoric, which is only aimed at dividing us.

They have placed us all in a pressure cooker, put the lid on the cooker, lit a fire under it and walked away from the cooker.

There is only one outcome for the country when this happens, and that outcome will not be good for the country.

I have watched this country go from an openly racist country to one that attempted to rectify social injustice as defined by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to a country where everything is defined by race and how race is being used by the media and politicians to keep us divided.

I do not see how we can survive the current situation without the people of the country openly defying our political class and the media.

We must come together or we will fail as a nation and people. This country was founded on an ideal that all men are created equal, and God endowed us with freedom.

Even though we have been on long and torturous road to get to this point; if we don’t change our current dialog between the races, we will destroy ourselves.

To write the country off as systemically racist without hope of ever coming together is not only wrong but inherently misguided.

I will repeat the first paragraph of this column because I firmly believe that our guiding principle should be that:

“The majority should not deny the minority any rights that the majority enjoys and the minority should not demand nor have more rights than the majority.”


BERNARD LESLIE is a beekeeping expert who lives beside Kentucky Lake in the northeast corner of Henry County. His email address is

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