The conundrum of voting issues reared its ugly head at a recent Friday morning breakfast of four elderly gentlemen.

As soon as the topic came up, one of our group railed against the subject because he did not want to hear theories, but wanted the facts to prove whether there was any or widespread fraud in the last election.

We finally agreed that it would be nearly impossible to find any substantial facts to prove or disprove voter fraud. That left me wondering why it is so hard to ever prove voter fraud, if it exists.

We are told if there is any kind of voter fraud, it is almost nonexistent, because both parties hold voting and voting rights to be sacred, and that neither party would stoop to violating our right to a fair and honest election.

Yet, neither party has explained where the facts are to back up their argument. My dear breakfast champion was absolutely right when he demanded facts regarding voter fraud and therein lies the conundrum:

How can you prove something when all the facts are held by the very people who are denying voter fraud?

Facts and numbers concerning voting in this country are controlled by the parties who are running the elections, and those parties (it does not matter which party controls the physical ballots) have a vested interest in convincing the public that elections are on the up and up.

If it is ever proven that widespread voter fraud exists, our faith in our “democracy” will collapse. That is why after the last election, both parties attempted to put the election results in the rearview mirror and quickly claimed that the election was fair and honest.

I am not advocating for either party or the person who won or lost the last election, but I am left wondering why our politicians are so quick to deny fraud in our elections and why it is impossible to get hard facts related to our elections.

How is it that for the past four presidential election cycles, at the end of which, one side or the other has denied the legitimacy of the election?

If these elections were legitimate and outcomes fair, why did one party or the other deny the results?

George W. Bush and the U.S. Supreme Court denied Al Gore the presidency; Barack Obama took away the presidency from John McCain; Doanld Trump outrightly robbed Hillary Clinton and, of course, Joe Biden cheated through widespread fraud to beat Trump.

Each time, we had one party claiming voter fraud, and lack of voting integrity contributed to one person’s or the other’s loss of the presidency.

How can these claims be made by the losers and at the end of the day, both parties claiming that the election was done properly, fairly and honestly?

Maybe if it was a one-off and it occurred in one election, then maybe we could take both parties’ word that our elections are done fairly with very little or no fraud.

But when both parties who lose an election claim that the declared winner is not a legitimate winner because of some kind of voting shenanigans, then I think we have a right to question the facts of the election.

But how come we never are given the facts, even though voter fraud is apparent and obvious? Why do both parties bury the facts surrounding our elections? How can we ever determine whether our elections are free of fraud when the facts are hidden?

Let’s say that you’re an auditor and you are auditing an account for a client, but the client will not give you any information except what he claims to be his bottom line.

He offers no concrete figures to show that his bottom line is a real figure or just a number he pulled out of thin air. When you ask him for the numbers to prove his bottom line figure, he tells you that you must take his word for the number because he would never commit fraud.

Would you, as an auditor, accept that bottom line or would you seriously question the legitimacy, not only of the numbers, but also the integrity of the client?

If you continue to press the client and the client then accuses you of not having faith in his numbers because you must be a wild conspiracy theorist, what would you think of the stability of the client?

The conundrum continues, because once the integrity of any election is questioned and then proven, what would happen? How would we rectify that?

What would happen to our trust in our politicians and civic leaders? How would we undo the fraud and the election?

How would we, for example, change the outcome of the election and who would be declared the truthful winner? As you can see, once we find fraud, what do we do then?

All politicians have a vested interest in covering up any election fraud, because if the facts ever prove election fraud, what would happen to our election system?

Is there widespread fraud in our elections? I don’t know, and I don’t know how it could be found or proven under our current system. I do believe, like most Americans, that something stinks in our elections.

It can’t be a coincidence that each time a party loses a presidential election, the other party immediately claims election fraud of one sort or another and that the election was fraudulent and the winner illegitimately won.

How can that be true without each party knowing that there is election fraud?

The final conundrum of our elections is voter rights. I am sick of listening to people who continue to scream that one party or the other is denying voters the right to vote by asking them to prove who they are and where they live.

It amazes me to hear how people are being denied their voting rights because they are asked to verify whether they have a legal right to vote where they are voting.

Why is it that we are denying people the right to vote when we ask them to prove who they are? There is absolutely no sense in this argument.

If you have to show a legitimate ID to do almost any daily activity, from buying booze, boarding a plane, driving a car, cashing a check, going to a doctor, hospital or any of the hundreds of places or activities that requires an ID, how is it that you are denying someone the right to vote if you ask for proof of who they claim to be?

In my lifetime, I have seen many stupid arguments from politicians, but this takes the cake; and they make these crazy claims with a straight face and expect us to nod our heads and agree that we can’t ask someone to prove who they claim to be and to verify where they live in order to vote.

Can anyone explain this idiocy to me that makes one ounce of common sense?

There isn’t a state in this country that will not give a valid ID to anyone who lives in their state for free; yet our politicians can go before a microphone and scream how this or that state is denying its citizens the right to vote based on the fact that a valid ID is a requirement to vote.

Don’t they see themselves as complete fools when they go down that road? A little introspection on their part would keep them from being as foolish as they appear.

The complete loosening of voter requirements can lead to the one thing all our politicians claim doesn’t happen, and that is voter fraud and stolen elections.

It makes me wonder what is happening and can election fraud ever be proven if the people in charge of elections can deny access to the actual results of the election?

Like my friend argued, where are the facts? I don’t see the facts, and how can I believe what I am told when it is obvious that the facts are being hidden from me?

Am I really supposed to accept either parties’ word when they have a vested interest in denying election fraud or push the idea of widespread voter suppression?

Who would think that if you shotgun ballots across towns, cities, counties, states or the country without any voter verification that some people would not be tempted to commit widespread fraud?

Isn’t it a little naive to see something in front of your face and then deny seeing it happen?

Our entire voting and election system is predicated on honest, clean and fair elections, and once we acknowledge that fraud could seep into our elections, then we have to acknowledge that our system is failing.

Who can honestly with a straight face, other than politicians, watch what has been happening in our country and not recognize that there is a strong probability that election fraud is a real threat to our body politic?

The current idea that all our elections are free from hanky-panky is flying in the face of reality. As long as our government and politicians keep denying the possibility of election fraud, it is a slap in the face of every citizen who believes in the noble goals of our founding fathers.

I wish I could find honest answers to this conundrum in which I find myself. I am sure that those answers will never be found, because our politicians and political system have too much at stake to honestly address voter fraud or that anyone is being denied the right to vote because they are being requested to prove who they are and where they live.

I do know that once the citizenry loses faith in election integrity and widespread election fraud is proven, then that day will spell the end of our Republic.

Forgetting for now our past elections, unless we can make our future elections transparent and all the facts, whether good or bad, are laid on the table, I am afraid that we will lose our faith in our election system and that will not lead to anything good.


BERNARD LESLIE is a beekeeping expert who lives beside Kentucky Lake in the northeast corner of Henry County. His email address is

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