Wolf's Den

Tony VanDyke

My son called me a few nights ago and said, “Another one gone.” It sounded sort of cryptic for him; I asked who he was talking about.

He said his grandson’s girlfriend’s dad had just passed from COVID-19. There had been some improvement, but then things went downhill.

I saw in the paper where Mayor John Penn Ridgway has extended the mask requirement through February. Good for you, Mr. Mayor. Now if the people will only listen.

Here are a couple of suggestions that I am sure have already crossed your mind, but just in case, here they are:

Why can’t your proclamation be expanded to include a $25 fine if violated? It wouldn’t make you very popular, but it might save some lives.

It seems to me that the larger stores are the ones who have the biggest non-masker problems. How about putting an employee, preferably a rather large one, who will say something like, “No mask, no entry.”

This might not completely solve the problem, but it would ease it. They also might be told that through this one easy act, they might be saving a life — maybe their own. Something to think about.

I don’t mean to sound mean or nasty. I am still a firm believer in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I don’t see that happening here.

When I see moms and dads with little kids in toe go into a store and no one has a mask on, it makes me wonder. Where is the care?

May God bless this country, this state, this county. May our eyes be opened to the serious nature of this pandemic.

I saw where someone had written: “I’ll swear we are fighting two pandemics — coronavirus and stupidity.”

Let’s not let this be true in Paris and Henry County.

God loves you and so do I. Think about it.


TONY VANDYKE lives at 103 Cactus Cove, Paris. His email address is tentallmen2004@yahoo.com.

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