Wolf's Den

Tony VanDyke

We have Communion every Sunday, and before the bread is broken and the cup blessed, the elder who is doing the ceremony gives a meditation. Some of these meditations are or could easily be made into a sermon within themselves. The past two Sundays have been such days, I would like to share them with you. The man who came up with these bits of wisdom is Paul Prather, who works for a Lexington newspaper. These are nothing more than common sense which, I hate to say, many of us, myself first and foremost, do not have much of in certain situations. We have the tendency to forgot the reason God gave us one mouth and two ears. We should listen twice as much as we talk. I do hope and pray each of you will glean something from at least one of these, preferably all of them. Enjoy: 1. I don’t have all the answers. I no longer see it as my job to fix anybody else. 2. Listen more, pontificate less. If I don’t know the answers to life’s big messes, maybe I should up and listen instead of rattling on. It is amazing how smart other people are, if I just will shut up and listen! 3. Be nice. To me, this seems to be the gospel of Jesus in a nutshell — just be nice. Give everybody the benefit of the doubt. Be merciful to sinners, because I am one and need all the mercy I can get. 4. Rethink my legacy. The best thing one will be able to say about me is, “He was a sweet, old geezer and, sing? Whoa!” 5. Tell the truth — to God, to others and to myself. The challenge is that to be honest about yourself, first you have to be honest with yourself. That takes work. 6. Accept myself, warts and all. How can we obey the commandment to love others as we love ourselves if we don’t love ourselves first? 7. Hold all things lightly. Hold your earthly things lightly, because God might decide to relieve you of them for something better. Make plans and set goals. Just don’t fall in love with them. 8. Trust God. He is in control. When you have troubles, remember who holds the reins to that horse you are on. He is working for your good, even when that doesn’t seem to be the case. 9. Be the blessing. Stop worrying about receiving God’s blessing and concentrate on being a blessing to others. I think you will find that is His biggest blessing for you. 10. Slow down. Who will care 50 years from now if you were 10 minutes late for a board meeting? Stay in the slow lane and enjoy the scenery. Call a friend to see how the day is going for them. Be sure and stop on the side of the road. Better yet, that is what rest areas are for. Think about these and try them out. I believe your days will go much better. May God bless this nation and bring us peace, the peace that passes all understanding. God loves you and so do I. Think about it.

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