Does it really matter for whom we vote?

Based on antecedents, behavior, and consequences, history clearly teaches that whom we elect does, indeed, matter to our families, our communities, our nation and our world, and often matters greatly.

Conversely, if you don’t mind the ongoing destruction and immorality sown and fostered by the Leftist Democrats/Marxists/Socialists/Anarchists, or you oppose the lengthy list of accomplishments President Donald J. Trump and Republicans have accomplished on behalf of the American people (see,, then it does not matter for whom you vote.

But can’t we all just live our lives and do our best to avoid/ignore all of the unpleasantness so often associated with politics, i.e., politicians?

I don’t know if that has ever been a realistic option, but it is certainly no longer true when one considers how much control and influence we have already ceded to politicians and bureaucrats — or, more accurately, how much freedom and wealth those in government and those using government have seized from us.

It certainly is not an attractive option when one considers Democratic control currently translates into the literal destruction of communities.

Even if our government would leave us alone to live our lives, the truth is there would always be those working to use the force of government for ill.

We need those in government to protect us from such people, like a border wall against the roving miscreants, both literally and figuratively.

Though I am in the camp of those who desire the role of the federal government be strictly limited to its enumerated powers and the protection of our God-given freedoms, be it from enemies foreign or domestic, such limitations are not realistic in the near term, given no Democrats and few Republican have demonstrated much interest in constitutional governance and fiscally responsible spending.

That said, there is no true moral equivalence between the unadulterated evil (e.g., infanticide, government enforced perversity, corruption, racism, burning, looting, murder, etc.) officially advocated by the current America-hating, Christian-hating Democrats versus the hypocrisy and greed also exhibited by far too many Establicans.

Unfortunately, the corrupting lust for power and money prove all too prevalent (in varying degrees) in most politicians regardless of party label.

However, the formal statement of principles and priorities delineated in political party platforms (see, mean something.

Tangentially, this also may mean those identified as “independent” do not wish to identify with the principles espoused by a political party.

In the areas where Democrats held sway not too many years past (but now identification with the party of Hillary-Obama-Pelosi means certain electoral loss), “independent” far too often simply translates as Trojan Democrat or sore loser Establican, rather than principled statesman.

Of course, though it is clearly a sin against God to vote for any Democrat — based on Democrats’ official promotion and support of infanticide and intolerance of pro-life policies alone, much less numerous other moral issues — it is also quite understandable that a God-fearing, America-loving citizen may not, in good conscience, be able to support specific corrupt Establicans.

Would that such Establicans were defeated in the primaries, but that is not always the case.

Establicans aside, given the overall clear contrasts between Democrat and Republican principles and governance and the incredibly high stakes represented in the outcome of the 2020 election, the vast majority of those who love God and love America are working and praying for a sweeping Republican victory this election season, be it motivated either for President Donald J. Trump and Republicans across the ballot or against the God-hating, America-hating Democrats.

Even factoring the ongoing voter fraud and the bias/censorship indoctrination and propaganda purveyed by the Leftist Democrat misleadia, academia and Big Tech, there are still, thankfully, more of us than there are of them.

The current environment, however, bears testimony to the fact that electoral victory will not be sufficient in and of itself.

Even with an overwhelming Republican win at the ballot box ­— or as Trump calls it, “A Big Red Wave” — there are still millions of people in our country uninformed, misinformed or evil enough to vote for Democrats, more than enough to continue to cause great harm beyond the election.

Following Leftists’ historical templates for revolution, many of these Democrats have already commenced burning, looting, assaulting and murdering across our nation.

Democrats’ current chant of the week on display in Philadelphia is: “Every city! Every town! Burn the precincts to the ground!” I guess in the Democratic lexicon, that is a step up from their usual profanity laden tirades.

Democrats have even announced their plans for ongoing insurrection via such avenues as Shut Down DC, the continuation of the ongoing Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, and myriad other Leftist Democrat billionaire-funded front groups (see

It is often said that if you want to make a conservative angry, tell them a lie. But if you want to make a Leftist angry, tell them the truth.

Democrat Leftists are likely to become even more rabidly enraged when Americans reject their lies and the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket in favor of truth.

We should expect a commensurate increase in their misdeeds in the days ahead, then prepare and respond as necessary and appropriate.

All of the above said, though, whom we elect is critically important to the preservation of our constitutional republic and to each of us as individuals.

Politics and elections can never be a substitute for individual morality, integrity and responsibility.

More importantly, though election outcomes reflect whether our constitutional republic will endure, politics certainly will never provide atonement for our most essential need, the salvation of our very souls, nor will they provide the essential love and care we need for truly healthy families and communities.

Regardless of the final vote tallies, it is incumbent upon each of us to resolve and then decisively act to invest both temporally and eternally in the well-being of ourselves, our families, our communities, our nation and our world. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

We may not, seemingly, be able to exert much control over the behavior of those for whom we vote after they are elected, but if we exert positive control over our personal behavior, we can help change for the better consequences for our families, then our communities, then our nation, then our world.

And that really does matter.


ARTHUR SMITH of Paris is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is

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