EDITOR’S NOTE: This column was written before Thanksgiving, having been submitted on Tuesday.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope we have not gotten so wound up in the Democrat’s fake news drama (their impeachment inquiry) that we fail to be thankful for all that the good Lord has given us here in this country, as well as the many blessings throughout the world.

Those on the Left put a lot of effort into denying how greatly we are blessed in our own country.

Yet it seems I am always seeing and hearing about people of other countries trying every way they can think of to migrate into ours, including illegal entry through the southern border.

The “why this country?” question must be answered.

The USSR had the so-called “iron curtain” protecting their borders. This was not to keep others out, but their own in. Migration out of the USSR, it seems, was strictly forbidden.

I’m sure most of you can remember different incidences of Soviet athletes and others defecting from Russia and seeking asylum in the United States.

My dictionary says defection is synonymous with desertion, a military term connected to cowardice or treason — very serious military charges.

But an athlete is not a military position, at least not in our country.

Asylum is a place of safety, refuge and protection.

People wanting to leave Russia needed a place of safety that Russia was not? Needed a refuge that was not available in Russia? Needed protection from what? From Russia’s communist government.

The iron curtain was the walls of a prison system. The Soviet people were not free. They could not decide for themselves how or where to live; whether to be communist or free-market capitalists.

For these, they wanted to be here. No one was trying to get into the USSR.

You also might remember a real brick-and-mortar wall, the Berlin Wall. Here, again, it was the communist part of Berlin that built this wall to keep their people in, not others out.

A prison with a real wall to remind them that they were not free. They could not leave. They could not make their own life choices. The communist government did it for them.

And, again, free people were not trying to get in.

You also may recall many rafts from Cuba, filled with beleaguered asylum-seekers, trying to escape the communist government there.

No rafts were being launched from Florida, defecting from the United States, seeking asylum in Cuba.

Is socialism any better?

Do we have to recount country by country how wealth and prosperity of the people was destroyed as socialism took them over in South America?

Or can we understand that the caravans of people fleeing from there have the goal of coming here?

No one has started a caravan to flee the United States for Mexico or a socialist country in South America.

The “why this country?”answer is obvious to them. But we tend to forget just how blessed we are.

People have short memories. Most people don’t know the Pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving was an in-your-face example of the difference between socialism and free-market capitalism.

The Mayflower Compact of 1620 organized the Pilgrim’s new colony into a socialist/communist share-and-share-alike structure.

Work was plentiful; everyone should pitch in; and whatever their work produced was for the whole colony, not for any one individual.

Everyone knew they had only themselves to rely on — that if they were to survive in this “new world,” they, by themselves, must provide for the needs of the colony.

To them, and many others, it sounded great on paper. In fact, our families are patterned this way. As a kid, I didn’t have a job to do, yet I benefited from the work of others.

As I grew, I had chores, but nothing compared to the benefits I gained from Mom and Dad’s work they shared without thought of repayment.

But that is family, and family is different than community.

The Mayflower Pilgrims were close, but not family. Under the Compact, my job could have been growing corn, of which I get a small portion.

But I did nothing for the growing of wheat, beans or watermelon, and I get a portion of those, too.

However, it was not “me” that gets to count out how much of “my” corn goes to trade for a watermelon. That would be free-market capitalism.

Under the Mayflower Compact, it was not “my” corn to trade; it was not “my” corn that I hoed; it was not “my” corn that I planted; it was not “my” corn for which I plowed the ground. It was the corn of the colony.

What does not come across on paper is human nature.

Human nature says: Why should I work any harder than the other guy when we will all be paid the same?

So human nature answers: Don’t put in your best effort.

The Pilgrims did just that — don’t work any harder than the other guy. Like all socialist systems, their production was low, and they nearly starved to death!

Nothing for which to be thankful. The cupboards were bare. No Thanksgiving that year.

As fantastic as it sounds, it was the leaders of the community that could see their problem was in the socialist organization of their community.

Those leaders made the change to free-market capitalism.

Each family now had their own plot of land to do with as they each pleased. Whatever their work produced was their own to keep or trade.

They were now free people. They owned their own work! The more effort they put into their work, the more it benefited themselves.

The more they could produce from their labors, the more with which they had to trade.

And the Pilgrims did just that — worked hard and prospered. Freedom — it’s a wonderful thing.

That year, the cupboards were overloaded, plenty of everything! And lots left over to share as each heart decided for himself to share.

And so they did, making it our first Thanksgiving — thanking God Almighty for the abundance they now had in this new land.

How do you repay God for His land, seeds, rain, wind, rivers, sunshine, oceans to regulate the temperature, our hands to work with;

Eyes to see, minds to understand and learn, trees for lumber to build with, the many mineral deposits and the many things we have learned to make from them?

We have much for which to be thankful, including living in a country that has been shaped by people who have read and chose to follow the things they learned from His Bible.

For a long time, liberals have been pushing us toward socialist ideas that have taken us away from God, His ways and His blessings; little by little losing morality and honor, and with it, our prosperity.

How can we make America great again? Return to the God of the Bible, and receive His blessings through our obedience, thanking God for it all.

Again, happy Thanksgiving!


PAUL FROWNFELTER of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is paul4of6@yahoo.com.

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