Regardless of what happens between now and Jan. 20, Joe Biden will never be president of the United States any more than a thief is the “owner” of the property he steals. Unfortunately, as a nation, it appears that not only are we running out of good options in a Deep State system rigged for a pre-determined outcome in support of stealing the presidency, but also we are in very short supply of honest elected officials willing to uphold their oaths of office. If the members of Congress and the courts refuse to uphold justice, the Democrats and the RINOs will have all the proof they need to ensure they can steal any election they want and no one will stop them. The United States will no longer be a constitutional republic. It will become government by the oligarchs and radicals and for the oligarchs and radicals. So, what comes next? Despite both the Democrats and RINOs, like “Beijing” Mitch McConnell, wanting to push through the Democrats’ stealing the presidency, the election is not over. Even though most in government completely ignore the limits the U.S. Constitution places upon government, in theory, presidential elections are still decided based on the 12th and 20th amendments and the corresponding U.S. Code. Given we have competing slates of electors for seven states and neither Trump nor Biden have secured the necessary uncontested 270 electoral college votes, unless the conflict of competing electors is resolved, by law, it falls to Congress to determine who will be president for the next four years. As presiding President of the Senate for the electoral college count, Vice President Mike Pence has the authority to recognize the electoral college vote is in dispute. With official objections to certifying the vote from at least one senator and one congressman, the “race” then goes to the House of Representatives. The vote in the House of Representatives is based not on total members, but by each state delegation receiving one vote. Republicans hold the majority of state delegations, so if they uphold their oaths of office, President Donald Trump will officially be reelected. So, what happens if the Democrats and the RINOs continue to ignore the law, the evidence and the record number of citizens who cast their votes in support of Trump, giving him a decisive landslide win of the legal votes cast? What happens if the Democrats and RINOS and China and Iran and all the rest of America’s enemies decide they will keep pushing to steal the presidency regardless? Though it is definitely not a great or preferable option, the Founding Fathers did foresee the need to address sedition and treason on a national level. In his detailed article “Trump at the Rubicon: How the Insurrection Act and Militia Act Empower Trump to Cast the Die (macris.substack. com),” entrepreneur and Harvard Law graduate Alexander Macris lays out the legal case, as well as the challenges and potential consequences of using the Enforcement of the Laws to Restore Public Order Act. This act is commonly known as the Insurrection Act, which provides the president the legal power to do what is necessary to counter sedition and treason without the approval of either Congress or the courts. But given the role those in government have played in the ongoing coup against Trump, who would Trump get to carry out the orders to put down the sedition and uphold our constitutional republic? Well, the Founding Fathers also gave the president the Militia Act, with the militia defined as members of the National Guard and able-bodied males from the ages of 17 to 45. In other words, the president has the authority to call upon the citizens to directly uphold and restore our constitutional republic by force, if necessary. Now, I think most of us would agree invoking the Insurrection Act and the Militia Act is not ideal, but the public reaction could be severe if the Democrats and RINOs are allowed to steal the presidency. There is still a chance Congress will do the right thing, even if they don’t do it for the right reasons. But based on the politicians’ lack of principle thus far, they need to hear from us to “encourage” them to ensure President Donald Trump’s legal re-election. Call and/or write U.S. Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty and Congressman David Kustoff, and demand they uphold their oaths of office, stand against the Democrats’ attempted theft of the presidency and support the legitimate election of Trump for the next four-year term. Trump needs our encouragement, as well. Below is a suggested sample letter (thanks to in support of Trump, should use of the Insurrection Act and Militia Act be necessary: Dear Mr. President: I’m proud to have been among the 80-million-plus American citizens who enthusiastically voted to re-elect you to four more years in the White House. I, my family and my friends have watched with shock and dismay as your overwhelming electoral victory was stolen away in the night by bad actors across the nation. Dedicated Marxists and others who scorn our beloved country’s storied history of individual liberty have pulled out all the stops in their huge power grab. We, the People, may not always say it out loud for all to hear, but liberty is in our bones. Communism and socialism are lethal murderers of liberty. The theft of the presidency cannot and will not stand. In these troubling times, I personally support you without reservation in levying all available legal tools against this gigantic betrayal by the so-called elites and others who consider the Constitution to be nothing but toilet paper. My unreserved support specifically extends to lawful invocations of the Insurrection Act and the Militia Act. By the grace of God, we shall reclaim our country from those who would destroy it. Thank you for being my president. Yours sincerely, Hopefully, Congress (and the courts) will yet do the right thing in defense of our God-given freedoms and liberty the Democrats and RINOs are trying to steal. Again, it is really our freedoms, our liberties, the Democrats and RINOs are stealing. Trump is just in their way. As President Ronald Reagan so clearly stated, “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” DAVE VANCE of Stewart County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party.Party. 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