Raina Fisher

Through the Looking Glass

The mission of the mainstream media writ large is to color the stories which might paint the former president of the United States with a human hue. They’ll blot out any clue that may cue a streak of empathy. They put the brakes on the folly that the rest of us have and derail our temptation to second guess them, as if we’d need to partake in an archeological dig to unearth their hidden agenda. All the same, there is no tale too tall for them to tell. They’ll shape, squeeze and pump up the fodder to fit their narrative. But will there ever come a time for them to pay? He calls for calm. They don’t want us to hear the ache in his voice or the pang in his plea. We’re going to mark one year since the strain of COVID-19; it cast a hex that looms over us like a dark cloud. It compounds the grim, and the tragic, which we’ve had little choice but to face. We tend to join hands as a nation in times of crisis. Yet this paradigm drives a wedge in the gap to divide, to widen the chasm. He notes the myriad of riotous mobs which couple the downward spiral in violence that we catch wind of on the wings of politics. It’s time to grind this train of madness to a halt. It is our First Amendment right to rally and raise our voice. Be that as it may, if we march, we must do so peaceably. On this trek, he did underscore that we are a “nation of laws.” He’s not going to sit by idle and put up with the fallout of vandals who flout them. There is no way to pardon, tolerate or justify violence. That’d be like holding a candle to the devil. Where you stand with the Republican or Democratic party bears no weight. And so, he made a vow for the strong arm of justice to crash down on each person who took part in the raid to ransack the seat of our republic. It’s the job of the chief to give the go-ahead for his federal agents to make full use of each and every resource “to secure the city and ensure that a transition can occur safely and without incident.” Pay no heed to the role he played to call in the thousands of National Guard troops to D.C. Who knew they’d force them to pack in so tight in a closed lot? And now there are hundreds who have come down with COVID-19. He’s in a state of shock from the “calamity at the Capitol.” In spite of the sorrow that’s haunting him, he’s grateful to “the hundreds of millions of incredible American citizens who have responded to this moment with calm, moderation and grace.” For him to strum the chord of hope for us to get wind of is the beat on the drum to forge on, a shin up to scale the peaks. “We will get through this challenge just like we always do.” At the close of his five-minute chat, he leans on the “unprecedented assault on free speech” as of late. Those who to strive “to censor, cancel and black-list our fellow citizens” are wrong. We each need “to listen” and not “silence one another.” We can take the step and “rise above the rancor” to “find common ground and shared purpose.” When life or death is on the line, we all have a stake. Will we lend a hand or hang them out to dry? He urged us move forward and unite as one people. From dusk to dawn, the swing shift to the graveyard, the press burns the midnight oil to stifle the words of unity and healing at times of paramount import. The first half of his 30-minute speech at the Dragon Space Launch in the wake of George Floyd is what pops to mind. The one he gave the day after he “spoke to George’s family and expressed the sorrow of our entire nation for their loss.” We get to hear silence, not his warmth and compassion for the hurt in the hearts of the people. It may be that he stands as “a friend and ally to every American seeking justice and peace.” And yet he makes no bones for his clutch of opposition to the dregs who exploit such a tragedy “to loot, rob, attack and menace.” “Healing, not hatred; justice, not chaos.” These are the forces which we must draw on to brave the task at hand. It had to get him fired up to watch the anarchists roll in and set ablaze the zones which his administration fought hard to invest in. So, there is no chance that he’s going to bend a knee to this wagon of scallywags. “We will stand with the family of George Floyd, with the peaceful protesters and with every law-abiding citizen who wants decency, civility, safety and security. “We are working toward a more just society, but that means building up, not tearing down; joining hands, not hurling fists; standing in solidarity, not surrendering to hostility (whitehouse.gov, 2020).” To omit the truth is still a lie. The post of the heedless press is to weave a penny dreadful. We languish on propagandist island where the only doctor is one of spin and the bluff on manipulation mount is the sole source of shade. Part and parcel, those curious to watch the hearings on election integrity would’ve had to make the switch from the mainstream to the unknown, though trying to find a network that’d dare to defy the media industrial complex command and air them wasn’t a feat for the faint, to be sure. There is the reporter who may retract a mistake. Yet the journalist who is contrite for her slip-up, she is a rarity, just as rare of a breed is the one who will go to great lengths to bear the facts in a fair and balanced way. And then there’s the commentator to give cover for the corrupt with all the brash of a true partisan hack, or those who can do so yet not carry the weight of a code to bog them down. The trail of his errors run so deep, it’s a gutter. By and large, these jokers come at a dime a dozen in the barrel of rubbish we tag as news. The critics scrawl fallacious drivel, a scoop of salacious silage just for us to chow down on. The anchor stays stuck in the mud. And we get to drown when he drags us down with him. Yet we still fate those who may be on the up and up to stand in his shadow. The press has combat fatigue. Most are keen to drop the arms, but not the pretense. This lot can button and pucker up their lips for a stately snog all at the same time. Well, shiver me timbers. That is quite the hat trick. The hope is we’ll fall for the notion that Joe Biden news is a yawn fest. But while the Fourth Estate may not report on the pressing matters of the hour, it does not equate to them not having life-altering policy changes to broadcast. There are some who may give two rips if he’d trade a yacht for chocolate chip ice cream; they ought to get a grip on the rein of this big reveal. The rest of us crave the trust of a consistent press, one that can hold the torch to bring truth to light. RAINA FISHER is a child activist, writer and psychologist writing a memoir on parental alienation. She lives on County Home Road near Paris; her email address is rainafisher@hotmail.com

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