If you drive southwest to the U.S.-Mexico border, or if you head north to the U.S.-Canada border, you will come to a sign that says you are leaving the United States.

In fact, as you cross each state line, you will know by the welcome sign.

So it only makes sense to have “You are now leaving the USA” posted at the U.S.-Capitol Hill Occupied Protests border to the northwest in Seattle, Wash. Though to be fair, “Welcome to CHOP” feels like a warning.

Formerly hailed as the autonomous zone, CHOP is so much more than a name; it’s a state of being. With that in mind, why not dub it the Twilight Zone, a contention which looks, from the opposite side of the DMZ, to be a perfect fit.

After a week of negotiations, the fledgling nation of CHOP, acquiesced three of the six seized blocks.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan placates armed Antifa occupants the way a parent coddles a child who throws a fit.

They are like a band of 2-year-old hooligans, and she let them toss her out of her own house, all so they could build a fort on the floor.

She acts as if she’s a soldier jumping to attention, though by and large they do bark orders through the bullhorn like a drill sergeant.

They shout the command at her, but she heaves the buck down. She supplies the Porta Potties and the workers who will clean them.

Truth told, she gaslights the people of America with the aid of her pals in the press, who zoom in and tell us to peer through their lens.

They point to the mostly peaceful protestors and say they just cornered off a little area; a place to read poetry and paint on the sidewalk — she sent in art supplies to keep her kids busy.

Inside the zone may be reminiscent of Woodstock to the apathetic mayor, and yet one can only imagine how her summer-of-love comment felt to the victims, or those who had to wait three times longer for help (Swaby, 2020).

They knew not to file a complaint. In spite of the fear that quelled their voice, anecdotal accounts of armed militia who shook down store owners to pay fees to open their doors did reach the ear of Assistant Police Chief Deanna Nollette. She panned: “This is the crime of extortion” (Andone, Kallingal & Rose, 2020).

The proliferate perilous trifecta of homelessness, addiction and mental illness is not a lost concept to the capricious mayor.

Dealing with armed occupants is the poison that she picked: and while she thinks it will go down smoothly, this is the hill she will die on.

Her snarky comments and venom spewed at President Donald Trump is a ploy to divert from her ineptitude.

In one breath, a nescient Gov. Jay Inslee asserts that he hadn’t heard of Capitol Hill; in the next, he tried to portray the protests as passive (Rantz, 2020). They should force the governor and mayor to live in the Twilight Zone.

The zone warlord, rapper Raz Simone, popped the boot of his Tesla and passed out AK-47’s. He is the police now, and so he rules who has the right to bear arms (Graham, 2020) (Rufo, 2020).

There is no freedom of the press or religious freedom in the zone. A video depicts life in this dystopian society; an Antifa terrorist wrestles a preacher to the ground and puts him in a headlock — all for the crime of preaching God’s Word. He screams, “You’re choking me!”

The ironies mount; the Antifa border-patrol agent brings him up to date, inasmuch as he has the right to deport him. So he drags him to the barricade,and tosses him out (White, 2020).

Paradoxically, CNN reported: “One man who preached a ‘repent now’ message drew criticism, but organizers urged them to ignore him” (Simon, Reeve & Silverman, 2020).

One half expects to catch sight of the “no cop co-op” with all the “defund police” talk. And the tags of black flags to mark Antifa’s territory should not come as a surprise.

But to have a no-white area is jarring. The radical revolutionaries made clear which event was for blacks, hence whites were not allowed entry to Cal Anderson Park from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Having said that, organizers did instruct whites to donate money, food and security (Pollak, 2020) (Rantz, Life in CHOP: More Weapons & More Complaints, 2020).

White citizens must pay $10 in reparations. One voice echoed, as he looked in the eyes of each face in the crowd, he said, in part: “So, find an African-American person.

“White people, I see you. I see every one of you, and I remember your faces” (Durden, 2020) (Occasion2B, 2020).

One of the leaders, Jaiden Grayson, said she was not there to peacefully protest; when the battle starts, the whites ought to be a “human shield” (Rainbow, 2020).

If Gov. Bill Lee had ceded, then our state may have come to a fate much like that of Seattle. He did put his foot down — and the rest of the union would do the same if they knew what was good for them.

This is about a revolution to those on the far left. So, is this a sign of what could come if Joe Biden were elected?

If separatists want their own country, then they need to get out of the United States; she is not to be held hostage.

It’s as if we hopped on a freight train and dozed off; we have no clue that we are going in a loop.

Antifa counts on the press to promulgate their extremist head spin: of the United States as a bastion of racists. And so long as they pivot to this fallacy, what chance do we have of waking up?

A coat of paint will not cover the scar of our dark history. If we open our eyes, we might see that walking backward is like trying to scrub a blood stain. Rubbing it in does not help; it is just going to make it worse.

There comes a time when the only path to healing is the one ahead in front of us.


RAINA FISHER is a child activist, writer and psychologist writing a memoir on parental alienation.She lives on County Home Road near Paris; her email address is rainafisher@hotmail.com.

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